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Scalp exercises to reduce hair loss and improve hair health

Balding is common for men and can lead to permanent hair loss. Some instances of hair loss are due to poor nutrition, illnesses and surgical procedures. These can be temporary but balding in some individuals does not resolve itself on its own. This is why some men choose to undergo hair transplants. Proper care of hair can help with hair growth, including some scalp massages that stimulate growth of hair. Like other parts of the body, the scalp also needs exercise to stay healthy and rejuvenated. Hair follicles depend on the scalp to produce healthy hair, so the scalp needs a constant supply of nutrients through blood circulation.

Proper Shampooing

Use a gentle shampoo to clean your hair follicles. Lightly touch hair to apply shampoo, but avoid rubbing. Gently rinse and avoid strong water pressure. Do not apply conditioner on hair ends and use it only twice a week. To dry hair, pat it with a soft towel. Some people prefer not to wash their hair before exercising the scalp so that dandruff can be lifted during the process and be washed out when it’s time to shampoo. However, scalp exercises to reduce hair loss are best done when hair is detangled and parted.

Gentle Massage using Essential Oils

Use the pads of your fingers for scalp exercises. Avoid using your fingernails because this can irritate the scalp. Be careful not to rub hair forcefully, just rotate the skin. Focus on exercising the areas that experience thinning. You can use essential oils such as sage, rosemary and peppermint. Just add three drops to a tablespoon of olive oil. According to a study, these oils can help stimulate growth of new hair. Use the mixture to massage your scalp once or twice a day.

Scalp Exercise using Wet Hair

Some people prefer doing scalp exercises with wet hair. After shampooing, use a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. With your fingertips, start massaging the scalp at the front, using a backward and forward motion, followed by side to side. Make sure not to use fingernails that can break hair strands or damage the scalp. Repeat for all other areas of the scalp. A tingling sensation can indicate blood flow throughout hair follicles and the scalp. You can do this twice a day.

Studies have shown that scalp massages have a positive effect on hair growth. As long as you combine scalp exercises with proper hair care, it’s not impossible to get your hair back. However, for more serious cases of hair loss, you can consider a non-invasive treatment, if you are afraid of hair transplants. This is called micropigmentation, a medical hairline tattoo that uses natural pigments applied to the scalp’s second epidermal layer. After three sessions, the follicles will be infilled and recreated. Hair SMP can also be done on people who have undergone hair transplants.


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