4 ways to look younger without plastic surgery

Sometimes people think that the only way to look younger is to go under the scalpel. However, sometimes all it takes to shave 10 years off of your face is knowing a few tips that don’t require a plastic surgeon whatsoever. In order to look your best sometimes all you need to know is how to work with what you’ve got.

Many people manage to defy age by simply trying these few tips which can instantly make a difference. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars at the plastic surgeon’s office when you can achieve the same results for free? Here are some of the best tips for looking younger instantly.

Wear Contacts

When you wear glasses this can sometimes create the effect of looking older; depending on what kind of glasses you are wearing, you can look like a full-on granny or you can look like a happy, smart person with the right round glasses. If you don’t feel confident, you can try to opt for contact lenses (only if you have a prescription, like most, which will allow so).

Not only do contacts make you look younger but they are fairly easy to master once you get the hang of them. All it takes is mastering your morning and night routine and before you know it you won’t even remember what life was like before when you wore glasses.

Follow Fashion Trends

Try to keep an eye on what the latest trends are in fashion. This doesn’t mean that you have to dress inappropriately for your age, but that you should convey a hip style which keeps up with the times.

When you look outdated, it doesn’t’ matter how young or old you are, this alone will age you. If you have no idea where to begin, try starting with a magazine and start choosing what stands out to you as interesting. Then try to incorporate it into your own individual style.

Smile More

Believe it or not, studies show that people who smile more are perceived as more attractive and younger. Smiling makes you radiate happiness and not only look better but feel better.

Some people don’t even realize how much of the day they spend frowning. This can be simply a result of feeling shy or uncomfortable not a symptom of being unhappy at all. However, if you simply try making a more conscious effort to smile you can usually overcome this habit to frown.

Wear Skin Cream

It’s essential to look out for your skin’s elasticity and moisture. You should take care to moisturize every day. Investing in proper skin cream which will preserve the quality of your skin is worth more than any cosmetic or item of clothing.

Your skin is something that you wear every day so extending its lifetime will never be something that you regret spending money on.


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