As the winter nights roll in and the weather gets colder, it can be harder to remain motivated when it comes to your health and fitness. Not that the weather isn’t as warm and the days are getting shorter, it can be hard to get off the sofa and get active when the comfort of home is a lot more appealing and inviting than taking a jog in the park. However, fall can also be a great time to embrace the season and make a few changes to your diet and lifestyle for the better. Yes, it might not typically be the time of year that you choose to get in shape but why not make a change this year – and get fit for fall.

Even if you aren’t naturally very active, or don’t enjoy exercise, this beautiful time of year is just waiting for you to explore the seasonal changes and enjoy the crisp air. You could set yourself a weight loss challenge or maybe get your colleagues and friends involved too, so that you have more of an incentive to get in shape. From going sober for October or even shedding a few pounds from your waistline, getting fit for fall might even see you make some more serious, lifestyle changes.

Get in shape

Fall is a great time to make a few changes to your fitness regime and get in better shape. Why not get outside and enjoy the fall landscapes and stunning scenery? You will burn calories doing a whole host of activities, from apple picking to jogging in your local park. When you are exercising this time of year, be sure to wrap up warm and use layers; it might feel a bit chilly at first, but once you get your pulse rate up, you won’t even notice the cold. Make sure to warm up and cool down too, as you don’t want to cause any damage before you get going. Getting in shape is a great opportunity to encourage your family to get fitter and more active too. From taking your kids to explore a local national park or enjoying family bike rides along trails, your children will benefit from your motivation too. Why not explore a new sport too? Soccer or even teeing off at your local golf club is a great way to spend time with your family and friends. Golf Irons Buying Guides can help you choose the right clubs to help improve your game. Change doesn’t have to be drastic either, making a conscious effort to get active is a gradual process – plus you don’t want to injure any muscles. Set yourself achievable goals and enjoy this process – it’s a race, not a sprint.

Even if you enjoy exercising at your local gym or leisure center, then there’s no reason not to get more active this fall. Why not try a new class or group activity and take one of your friends along too? From spinning to weights, there is bound to be an activity that suits you – and you may even be pleasantly surprised by your newfound passion. So what are you waiting for? Put the TV remote down and get up and out there.

Cut down on sugar

Cutting down on sugar is a great way to have more energy and lose a few pounds this fall. Sure, while you might normally associate the fall with apple pie, oatmeal cookies or your Mom’s pumpkin pie, why not make a few changes to your diet for the better? Now there’s no need to cut sugar from your diet completely, but cutting down on the sweet stuff can improve mood and energy too – making you feel ready for anything. Replace sugar-laden sauces and dressings with homemade alternatives and why not have water instead of sodas or juices during meal times? You may also want to keep an eye on your alcohol intake too, as cocktails and alcoholic drinks contain hidden quantities of the sugar and are high in liquid calories. Moderation is key here; there’s no reason to be a complete and utter scrooge. However, cutting down on sugar will not only benefit you, but it will also help your whole family feel lighter and full of energy to enjoy the best of what fall has to offer.

It can be tough to keep tabs on your diet during the fall season with all those parties and gatherings for you to attend. Again, this doesn’t have to affect your enjoyment. Why not just have one serving of sweet potato pie rather than two? Or limit yourself to one drink when you would usually splash out. Remember why you want to make changes to your diet and keep these in mind; don’t beat yourself up if you have the occasional slip-up. Just be sure to get back on track.

Positive thinking

Festive gatherings, long road trips, waiting in line at the mall and spending time with relatives that you only see once a year can be incredibly stressful. It can be tough staying positive and keeping upbeat during the festive season, not to mention dips in temperature and fewer hours of daylight can make even the sunniest of dispositions feel a little less bright. If you do feel that you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) syndrome, then there are few changes you can make to get yourself feeling more like yourself again in no time at all. From making time to enjoy meals and cooking with your family to taking time out to relax and unwind, it’s incredibly important to take time for yourself during the fall. Even if you are a busy Mom or spend hours running around after your nearest and dearest, this year try and put yourself first for a change. A healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand remember, so be sure that both are functioning this fall.

Getting fit and making a few lifestyle changes is easier than you think this fall. So wrap up warm, eat well and be sure to have a positive and action-packed fall.



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