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Ultimate skin care product guide to get rid of oily skin


Oily skin can be no fun when doing your makeup. You get the look down, you look perfect, your complexion is flawless, but then, a few hours into the day, you’ve already got foundation sliding off and a very shiny nose and cheeks due to your oily skin.

The best way to deal with oily skin is to use the right products.

When Cleansing

Although you may want the cleanest skin out there, over cleansing can cause your skin to dry out. And that drying out actually makes your glands produce more oil! Not what you want… Using gentle cleansers in gel form can help, and try cleansing a few days a week instead of every day.

When Toning

Toners are great for helping to get rid of oily skin. But, you do have to be careful about the toner used. Any toner with alcohol in it will dry your skin out. Witch hazel and alcohol free products are really the best bet. If you want to make your own, try a fifty-fifty solution of witch hazel and water. Use it once a day, just on the oiliest areas of your face.

When Moisturizing

It’s hard to find the right moisturizer for your face, especially if you’re oily in one part and dry in another. Try using more than one product in your routine. For the T-zone and other oily parts, use an oil controlling product. Then, for the other parts, use what is best – a normal moisturizer or one that is made particularly for dry skin.

When Priming

Primer can be your very best friend when it comes to keeping that look all day. It will keep your foundation from sliding around. Some primers are specifically made to help cover pores and to control oils.

When Applying Foundation

Foundations are also often specially formulated for different skin types. Use a matte foundation on oily skin, as it will tone down the shine. Work it in with your fingers, as that will help it appear more natural.

When Concealing

Oily skin can make it really hard for concealer to stick where it needs to. Try using a waterproof concealer, applying with a fine-tipped brush.

When Baking or Setting

A good powder can go a long way in keeping that shine away and locking things into place. Using a transparent or a matting powder, target your oily spots specifically – like your forehead, your nose, and your chin. Using a colored powder is great if you need more coverage. Otherwise, the traditional translucent powder is just perfect.

When Blushing

Don’t forget the blush! You’ve completely toned down the natural brightness of your skin. You want to look life-like still, so apply a little color to those cheeks.

Now What?

If you’re interested in more tips or learning how to better conceal that oily skin, you can look online for something like the ultimate skin care product guide, which will cover any and every problem that you may be facing with that oily skin.


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