Your most recent dental appointment confirmed what you already suspected: it’s time to think about replacements for the last of your natural teeth. Fortunately, your dentist has confirmed you are a prime candidate for dental implants. Before you consider any alternatives, take a moment and learn more about why so many people choose implants over dentures. These four reasons are among the most popular.

The Look

There is no doubt that implants have a more natural appearance than dentures. Part of the reason is that each implant fits into the gum just as your real teeth did in the past. By contrast, dentures fit over the gums. It’s possible to see the line where the denture plate ends and the gum begins.

The caps used with the implants also tend to look natural. That’s because of how the caps are made. Each one is shaped to resemble a perfect tooth. It’s not just about the shape; care is taken to ensure each tooth is the proper size. Once the caps are adhered to the implants, distinguishing them from the real thing is virtually impossible.

Almost as Strong as Natural Teeth

The sturdy nature of implants also makes them a favorite with patients. All the caps are made using material that holds up almost as well as real teeth. You still need to be mindful of habits like crunching on ice cubes or biting into a piece of hard candy. Just as with real teeth, these types of events can also damage the caps. As long as you take the same precautions you would with real teeth, those implants should remain undamaged.

Permanently in Place

You’ve either witnessed or at least heard of denture wearers who had a plate fall out during a meal or while in some other public place. That’s because the adhesive used to keep the plates in position failed. While denture wearers learn how to deal with such issues with grace, you would prefer to not deal with the problem in the first place.

The nice thing about dental implants from is that once they are embedded in the gums, they are not likely to go anywhere. You don’t have to deal with adhesives or wonder if biting into an apple will cause anything to slip out of position. Your implants will stay where they belong and you have one less worry to mar the day.

Simple to Maintain

Your routine for taking care of the implants is familiar. That’s because it’s much like taking care of natural teeth. Brushing after meals remains the foundation of your efforts. Using mouthwash is still part of the plan. Seeing a dentist annually and having a cleaning will remain on the agenda.

Compare that to having to remove your dentures for cleaning. There’s the need to remove old adhesive, then soak the dentures overnight. Which routine would you prefer.

There are more reasons to consider implants rather than go with other solutions. Talk with the professionals at Newmarket East River Dental Care today and learn more about implants and why they are so popular. It will be easy to see why this solution is the right one for you.


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