If you’ve never struggled with addiction of any sort – such as drugs, alcohol, sex, or pornography – then you don’t have a proper understanding of just how powerful and intoxicating these elements and behaviors can be. And while there are plenty of strategies for recovery, it takes a holistic approach to recovery to defeat addiction at the source.

Try These 3 Holistic Recovery Techniques

“Recovery is a reclaiming of the self. Giving clients an understanding of the ‘whole’ self and the knowledge and awareness of the tools that can help access the various aspects of self, offers a greater possibility of moving fluidly through recovery”, explains Sagebrush, a Virginia-based alcohol and drug rehab center. “Clients are more able to understand and cope with what is arising as they move through the stages of change, self-exploration and creating a new life with holistic modalities that have been found to be beneficial for addiction treatment and recovery.”

While some choose harsh, aggressive, or drug-based approaches to fighting addiction and encouraging recovery, a holistic approach is safer and more effective. Keeping this in mind, let’s check out a few of the top holistic recovery tips for success:

Put Your Mind in a Healthy Place

Addiction starts in the brain, so it makes sense that a holistic recovery would also start with your mind. If your mental energy isn’t appropriately balanced, it’ll be virtually impossible for you to make any substantive and positive changes in your life.

“An important part of healing the mind is developing healthy coping skills”, explains Anna Deeds, a recovering addict and professional counselor. “There will be times in recovery when life doesn’t go the way you want it to go. Or you will feel things that you don’t want to feel like pain, anger or sadness. Coping skills are the tools that will help you deal with life’s problems.”

Treat Your Body Right

The next step is to treat your body the way it needs to be treated. If you’ve been exposed to drugs and alcohol over a long period of time, it’s likely that your body has been weakened and negatively affected in a variety of ways. By treating your body well – through exercise, nutrition, and proper sleep habits – you can strengthen it and ensure greater happiness (which increases your likelihood of sustained recovery over time).

According to OrganicFacts, there are a number of healthy food items and ingredients you should be integrating into your diet if you want to fight drug addiction and promote healing. These include things like milk thistle, fatty fish, apple cider vinegar, and even caffeine.

Practice Self-Care for Your Soul

Don’t forget about your soul. While the mind and body are important, your soul also plays a critical role in your recovery. If you don’t practice good self-care of the soul, everything else will fall out of alignment.

“Good self-care for your soul starts with meditation, which just means quiet time alone,” psychologist Jared Friedman writes. “At first you may be antsy and resistant to the process; that is normal. If you can add 10 minutes of meditation to your day for a week, you will see change after those seven days. As you sit or lay in silence, you just listen to what comes up for you.”

Putting it All Together

If you suffer from an addiction that’s taking over your life and traditional methods aren’t helping, this is probably an indication that you need to switch to a holistic approach to recovery. By dealing with your addiction in a natural and proactive manner, you can target the root of the problem and get your life back on track.


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