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4 perks of taking a break from alcohol


Taking a break from alcohol is something that you may have considered on occasion. It can be plentiful during the months of the holidays which is why many people tend to feel worn out by the time that the new year rolls around.

A popular tradition for many people is partaking in what is known as “Dry January.” This involves vowing to abstain from alcohol for the entire month. Some people enjoy the perks so much that they decide to prolong it even more. Here are some of the reasons why taking a break can be a good thing.

Less Risk

Being under the influence of alcohol can put you in a more vulnerable state. You could find yourself more prone to injury, getting into arguments, or even going to jail.

Eliminating alcohol from your lifestyle means that you will be decreasing your chances of doing something that could lead to serious consequences. Being sober means that you have much more awareness of your surroundings and an overall better sense of responsibility than when you’re drinking.

Weight Loss

Alcohol packs a lot of calories no matter which way that you drink it. Even a glass of wine which is on the lower end, can be as many as 180 calories, depending on the pour amount and type of wine. When you start to add up multiple glasses of alcohol multiple times a week, you could be looking at thousands of extra calories that you wouldn’t have otherwise consumed.

Therefore, many people experience significant weight loss when they abstain from drinking. In addition to consuming fewer calories from the alcohol itself, they find that they are also less prone to making poor nutritional choices. Since hangovers can often lead to cravings for heavy and greasy foods, it’s a big reason many frequent drinkers are overweight.

Save Money

Going out and paying for drinks in a bar isn’t cheap. With the average glass of alcohol costing $6-8, this can quickly add up to a significant amount of money throughout the month.

Quitting drinking can start to make you realize just how much you were spending on alcohol as you watch your bank account rise.

Improved Sleep

Alcohol is known for disturbing sleep patterns. Since you are never entering a REM state after several drinks, your sleep can be irregular and uncomfortable.

You may even find yourself waking up after sleeping a good amount, however since you were sleeping with alcohol in your body, you don’t feel rested at all.

If you suffer from poor sleep patterns, you may want to consider if maybe it’s because of too much alcohol consumption. If you determine it is, taking a break from alcohol may be even more appealing.


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