The new year is likely to bring a surge in people taking up gym memberships. But with an approximate £558m wasted in the UK on unused memberships, maybe it’s time to take a different approach to your health kick. Wasting, on average, £18.62 a month, why not put that money to better use investing in items you can use from the comfort of your home. It needn’t be expensive either. Here’s what you need.

1. Kettlebells

Offering versatility in the exercises you do, you can buy sets with a selection of weights that won’t break your back or your bank. Depending on how you use them, you can exercise arms, legs and core. Buy in multi-piece sets or singularly. At Tesco, these can cost anywhere from £3.99 to professional sets with racks for £608.99.

2. Door Gyms

Depending on which type you buy, you can buy door gyms that also allow you to do floorwork when buying multi-grip options. Stroll into a room in your home and never pass the door without a few pull and chin ups. Move to work on the floor and get your core engaged with some sit ups, too. This will give you a great upper body workout and costs as little as £14.99 from Amazon.

3. Ab Roller

This one is perfect for right before bed. Ab rollers don’t only get those abdominal muscles burning, you’ll also work your shoulders and triceps. The perk of having all this fitness equipment in your home? It’ll be staring you in the face, urging you to have a go, rather than that lonely card for your gym, wedged somewhere in your wallet.

4. Dumbbells

Flex those guns and buy in a variety of weights to up your challenge every time. Unlike the gym, this is a one-off payment for a decent set that’ll last you years to come in your fitness journey.

5. Foam Roller

Don’t be tempted by the fact your gym might come with a sports physiotherapist. Get rid of all those aches and pains with the help of foam rollers which will hit those all-important pressure points. It’s also great, not only for massaging your body post-workout, but for use in full body strengthening workouts.

6. Gym Ball

Ideal not only for working out, but for improving posture when sat at a desk, a gym ball really is a worthwhile and fun addition to your home. And, as an inexpensive item, priced as low as £5.99 from Argos, Discount Promo Codes can get you up to 20% off.

7. Resistance Bands

These are great for making your workouts more challenging. Carry out the same exercises, but, making use of elastic resistance bands, give your body something extra to work against. They’re also great for when you’re working out in a pair, helping to strengthen different body parts in your training.

8. Exercise Mats

Whilst doing any kind of floorwork, it’s good to work on a comfortable and supportive surface. If you’re thinking of striving for health not only in your body physically but also in your mind, a mat is essential for more stretch orientated and mindful exercise like yoga and Pilates. You can find plenty of inspiration on YouTube – who needs pricey classes?

9. Medicine Ball

You don’t need a personal trainer to reap the benefits of the medicine ball. This is another tool, which adds another element to your pre-existing exercise. Buy in a number of weights, from 5kg all the way up to 15kg and beyond.

10. Punch Bag

Therapeutic and muscle building, hang up a punching bag and get out all your built-up aggression with arms you’ll be wanting to show off this summer. This is a more expensive investment, but when buying a top quality bag you’ll be reaping the benefits for years. Ensure you get the correct equipment and have it installed properly for your safety, including gloves and sturdy chains for holding the bag up.

11. Jump Rope

Never underestimate the power of skipping. If it’s good enough for world class boxers, it’s good enough for you. Jumping rope for just ten minutes each day offers the same health benefits as running for half an hour, 7 days a week. Don’t have much time to squeeze in that jog today? No worries! Buy a skipping rope for a few quid and you’re away. Clear enough furniture and you could even do it in front of the tele.

12. Workout Bench

These fitness stations allow for you to do a variety of exercises, getting your whole body into gear. Crunch to your hearts content and take to the internet and YouTube for inspiration when your steps start to get a bit boring.

So there you go, you don’t always need fancy, shiny gym equipment to work your body from head to toe. Put the money that’ll keep draining from your bank account in the form that gym membership direct debit into some solid fitness tools you can use from home. Finding the motivation with them staring in your face will be far easier and, if you buy a selection, you can keep things fresh and interesting so working out doesn’t become repetitive too soon.


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