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It’s not all bad news


The news is full of scary and depressing stories, and it can feel like there is nothing good going on in the world. The sad truth is that there have always been wars, poverty, and injustice, and dreadful things will inevitably take place. The problem with global communication and twenty-four-hour news services is that we are aware of events from every part of the world, and the stories are constantly bombarding us from TV, radio and the Internet. It can make you feel helpless hearing about situations you can do little about, and despondent about the future. The good news is there are things you can do to alleviate these negative feelings.

Take action

If you feel that there’s nothing you can do about the problems of the world, think again. Your one voice can make a substantial impact when it joins with others to speak out. There are plenty of websites devoted to promoting petitions and raising public awareness about injustices, and if there is something you feel strongly about that is not getting any attention, you can start your own campaign. Most major societal changes occur because the population concerned stood up for a cause and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Votes for women, unions, anti-apartheid and many other movements that led to improved human rights and a better quality of life were successful due to the overwhelming support of individuals coming together as one.

The real stories

If you worry that there is no hope or joy around the world because all the news stories paint such a bleak picture, take heart from knowing that news outlets tend to lead with bad news stories as they are more shocking and thus more attention-grabbing. There are good news stories going on all the time; they just don’t make the headlines very often. Have a browse on the internet for good news stories, and you might be surprised and uplifted by how many positive things are going on. Even in the worst situations, there are stories of courage and determination. For instance, as bombs were raining down on the city of Damascus in Syria, the residents kept a secret library underground, so their books would be protected, and they still had safe haven in which to read and learn.

Down days

Sometimes you simply don’t feel up to getting out and finding good news or taking action for a worthy cause. If you’ve had a long day at work and you’d rather collapse in a chair with a glass of wine than set about changing the world, there is another option. There is a vast number of websites devoted to making people laugh, like lolhit.com, so why not switch off for a while and spend an hour or two looking at funny photos, reading jokes and watching idiots making fools of themselves on YouTube.

When the news is getting you down, remember you can make a difference to whatever degree you choose, and that positive things are going on that help to balance out the negative. While bad things will always happen, good things will always happen too.


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