Whether you have a special event which you’d like to fit into a special outfit for, or maybe you just notice that you’re starting to get softer in the middle. Sometimes we find ourselves ready to lose weight as fast as possible.

In order to do this safely, however, you should be able to know the right tricks. It’s all about doing in a sustainable and intelligent way rather than charging through regardless of how it affects your health. Some people turn to substances which aren’t good for the heart and may cause long-term damage and even death. Therefore, if you’re looking to lose weight fast, but want to do it the healthy way, here’s how.

Interval Training

Studies show that unlike traditional cardio workouts, working out in intervals of high intensity followed by spurts of your heart rate going lower will actually burn fat faster. Working out at a constant heart rate won’t show results as quickly.

Therefore, if you’re on a workout machine, try to look for the setting that says interval training. If you aren’t working out on a machine, and are doing something else like running or dance, try to aim for getting your heart to a maximum level then drop your energy to a resting rate for 1-3 minutes. Then get your heart rate back up again. Repeat this for a workout of up to an hour maximum.

Eliminate Alcohol

Even though alcohol can be delicious and often consumed in a variety of situations, it can often work against your fitness goals. Try to cut back your alcohol consumption or even eliminate it all together.

You’ll find that you are able to lose weight much faster not just because of the lack of calories you’re consuming, but also because you’ll make better nutritional choices. Often when we are under the influence of alcohol we may find ourselves in the drive-in eating greasy foods.

Do A Cleanse

Many people choose to kickstart their fitness and diet programs by taking part in a cleanse. There are a variety of different types to choose from. One of the most popular is consuming nothing but juice for several days.

By juicing you will consume only the necessary amount of nutrition that you require to stay healthy. Since you’ll be in a caloric deficit, your body will start to burn its fat reserve. As a result, you’ll find that your diet gets kick-started much faster.

Count Your Macros

While cutting out calories is effective, you may find that carefully measuring the type of calories you’re consuming will help you reach your weight loss goals even faster.

By cutting back on carbohydrates and increasing your protein you’ll see results that you’ll be happy with.


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