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Are you a good candidate for breast augmentation?


Among all cosmetic surgical procedures, breast augmentation is the most popular of them all. According to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 290,467 women who underwent this surgical procedure in 2016. That’s a huge 37% jump from 2000.

There are plenty of good reasons to consider breast augmentation, and that’s why so many women are lining up for it. Yet just because it’s popular and more socially acceptable doesn’t automatically make you a good candidate for this surgery.

How do you know? Here are some signs that you can be a candidate:

  1. You have fully developed breasts already. This means if you’re still a teenager, it’s best if you wait until your boobs fully develop. It doesn’t make sense to have your breasts augmented when they’re still growing anyway.
  2. You’re in good health. You should also be a non-smoker and within a healthy weight range. You may also not be a good candidate for breast augmentation if you have a family history of breast cancer. You also shouldn’t be pregnant or breastfeeding. These factors can increase the risks of complications during and after the procedure. So you need to be evaluated and cleared first for any medical issues.
  3. It’s you—not anybody else—who’s bothered by the appearance of your breasts. You may not like it that your breasts are too small, and that’s a very common feeling. When you’ve gone past your teenage years, your breasts may not have developed normally and it can appear elongated. Your breasts may not also look symmetrical. You may also want to fix the shape of your breasts when they’ve been affected by weight loss, pregnancy, or aging.
    The point is that it’s your feelings that matter here, and not anyone else’s. You’re not a good candidate for this procedure when you feel fine about your breasts, but your partner or spouse wants them enlarged. If that’s the case, the better solution is for your partner to love you as you are, just like you do.
  4. You also have realistic expectations. You’re not a good candidate if you’re under the impression that the procedure will give you perfect breasts overnight. You will need several procedures spread over years if you want to go from an A cup to a DD cup. Your skin and body will have to adjust to these changes gradually.
    You may also have to get used to the idea that your breasts may feel different to the touch. It’s also possible that you may lose some feeling in your nipples. Scarring is also expected, and the scar may take up to a year to fade enough that it’s no longer noticeable.
    Afterwards, you still need to spend a week or two recuperating from the procedure. This is surgery, after all.
  5. You can afford it. This is a rather complicated procedure, so you need topnotch medical equipment and pick a properly trained cosmetic surgeon. The average cost for just the surgeon’s fee in the US in 2016 is $3,719. In some places, the fee can be higher. That still doesn’t count the cost of the facilities, the anesthesia, and materials like drapes, bandages, and stitches.
    Don’t forget to take into account that in all likelihood this won’t be a one-time procedure. Implants aren’t permanent. Wear and tear can affect them, and their shape can change. About 25% of all women who undergo this type of surgery will need another one in 10 years.

If you meet all these requirements, then you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation. However, you will still need to be cleared by your doctor before any procedure is performed.


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