You’re not alone if you struggle to lose weight and can’t find a formula that will allow you to drop the extra pounds. What you can’t do is give up or say nothing will work for you. There’s always a way, but you have to remain patient and try different methods to see what your body will take to, or not.

It’s always worth reviewing new weight loss tip ideas and trying an approach that you haven’t considered yet. Remember that they may not all work for you or be feasible, but try to implement as many as possible and monitor your progress so you can adjust accordingly. You’ll likely experience more success if you view this as a healthy challenge and not a chore.

Set Goals

A good place to start is to set realistic weight loss goals and write down how you’re going to meet each one. For example, set a weight you want to reach and how long you think it’ll take to get there if you refrain from cheating. Another idea is to set a goal that you’re going to eat out less. Make notes about what you’ll need to start doing to cut back on restaurant foods. Without any goals, you’ll feel lost and likely forget all about your desire to lose weight because it won’t be part of your daily activities or on your mind.

Focus on Portion Control

One way to instantly cut calories is to eat smaller portions, says Quick Doctor. Take notice of how much food you’re putting on your plate or in your bowl that you’re considering a single helping. If you have to, get measuring cups and understand exactly how much you’re eating at each sitting. It’s likely you may be consuming more food than you need without even realizing it, so this will stop you in your tracks and allow you to get a better handle on how much you’re asking your body to digest at one time.

Get A Dog

Another idea to potentially consider is more life change, with various long-lasting benefits; a dog is for life, as they say, and can be a welcome addition to your home or family; however getting a dog would also be beneficial for your health, due to the exercise your canine companion will require. You’ll likely start walking and hiking more and, this will all benefit to your goal of burning calories and getting more movement in your day. However, if you decide to get a dog, it is important to understand that having a pet is a big responsibility and will require you to purchase supplies for them and take them to the vet. Seek out additional info about what products will keep your pet free from pests as well. This is especially important if you’re walking outdoors and spending time in wooded areas. A dog will certainly keep you on your feet and is a great natural way to take off unwanted pounds.

Walk at Lunchtime

If you’re a busy professional, then think about how you’re utilizing your time throughout the day, instead of making excuses about why you’re overweight and too busy to workout. For example, hit the gym in the morning before you get into the office or go walking at lunchtime versus staring at your computer. A short walk will give you a boost in natural energy and will be a healthy way to reduce any stress you’re feeling throughout the day. Find a walking partner if it helps you stay on track better and keep each other motivated to go no matter the weather or what’s on your schedule for the afternoon.

Use A Food Diary

Writing down your food intake is a useful way to challenge your assumptions about what you’re actually eating. Get a food diary and record all your meals and snacks to get an exact picture of what you’re consuming on a daily basis. This way you may think twice before cheating or going for that extra plate of food. Using a journal is one of the only ways to stay true to your new healthy lifestyle and not kid yourself about what you’re eating. There will be no stopping you once you’re on a roll and taking your weight loss journey seriously by writing down your daily meals.

Learn How to Cook

This is a good time in your life to learn how to cook if you don’t know how to already. If you do, then you’re already ahead of the curve and can dive right in. No matter your skills in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of cooking for yourself and eating out less. This includes making your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner and packing healthy snacks to eat at work throughout the day. Make cooking fun by finding tasty and healthy recipes that challenge you and have you feeling proud of your hard work because you were able to conquer the recipe.

Monitor your Carbohydrates & Added Sugar

How many carbohydrates and how much added sugar you consume is ultimately your decision, but know that it’s not going to help you lose the weight if you overdo it in these two categories. Instead, stick to focusing on eating more leafy greens, protein, fish, and fruits. These are the kinds of foods that will fill you up quickly and keep the weight off in the long-term. Also, be mindful of how much alcohol and sugary drinks you consume on a regular basis. Drink more water and tea to keep your skin looking healthy and you hydrated.

Slow Down & Eat Mindfully

One way to lose the weight that works for many people is to slow down and eat more mindfully. This means taking each bite at a reduced pace and thinking about what you’re eating before you actually consume it. Eating in front of the television is distracting, so one alternative is to eat meals at the table and chew your food slowly. Slowing down may have you reconsider before you go for dessert or drink a soda.


These are definitely a few ideas you’ll want to start giving a try in your life if you haven’t already. Routine and implementation will help you lose the weight and this, in turn, will motivate you to keep it off in the future because of your new found ability to have a healthier lifestyle overall. Remember to stay positive and reward yourself in healthy ways for the progress you make along the way.


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