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Extremely easy to follow skincare tips for men

Health & FitnessExtremely easy to follow skincare tips for men

Regardless of what the common conception is – a large number of men do care about how they look! An essential factor for a man to look good on a consistent basis is his skin. However, the point is that skin care does not necessarily mean the use of expensive products. There are several easy skincare methods for men, which when followed, can result in rich and vibrant skin for a long period of time. Below are a few methods to help get your skin looking and feeling great.

Avoid shaving against the hair growth direction of the beard

The most commonly found mistake that guys make while shaving the beard is going against the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the direction of beard hair growth offers a cleaner look and closer shave, but the after-effects of such shaving are severe.

Here’s what happens –

  • The shaving blade repeatedly scratches the hidden surface of the hair follicle.
  • After resisting this outwardly attack for some time, this sensitive skin portion gives in.
  • Severe inflammation is caused.

Repeated swipes of the blade on the skin can even cause marks that could last well over a week!

So, avoid shaving against the direction of hair growth at all costs. If a spot on the face does not look cleanly shaven, it is better to leave it hairy rather than suffer from inflammation and redness.

Stay away from using acne causing products

Zits, pimples and other such unwarranted growths on the face aren’t enemies that only women have to deal with. They can happen on a man’s skin as well, irrespective of his age.

Why do men need protection from acne?

On an average, men around the world have oilier skin compared to women. This is because testosterone, which is heavily abundant in male bodies, kindles sebum creation in the hair follicles. The only way that men can overcome this natural weakness of their skin is by making sure that they use skincare products that are oil-free.

Fashionable men would always want to stay away from acne causing skincare products, because when the skin is right, fashion looks bright. Websites like Dude Pins are a great help for men looking forward to knowing more about proper grooming and other manly essentials.

Fight sun exposure

Not even the bravest man is safe from the harms of excessive sun exposure. Not using sunscreens is a bad idea. Even during the winter, an extended stay outside could lead to the skin getting exposed to UV radiation from sun rays. The worst part is that this continuous exposure causes a snowballing effect, which could lead to serious problems in the future.

How to fight it?

While staying in is an impractical option, using a moisturizer on top of a sunscreen is a great way to shield the skin from these Ultraviolet rays. The ideal solution would be to include a non-oily lotion plus a sunscreen over SPF 30 in your skincare regimen.

Following these simple tips can result in good skin health for men – over a long period of time!


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