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Factors that may prevent you from losing weight


Losing weight is the very best way to become healthier and to be able to enjoy life more. Without the excess pounds, we have better mobility, we can do more things, and we can feel more confident and positive. Exercise is a good way to begin the weight loss, as is eating well, but sometimes it is our lifestyle that causes the problems and means that losing the right amount of weight becomes extremely difficult.

When losing weight is hard, it is tempting to give up entirely. Understanding what it is that is causing the problems will help you to deal with them and get that weight loss back on track. So what is it about your lifestyle that might be making it difficult for you to get fit and lose weight?

Evening Exercising

Many people plan to do their exercising in the evening. They might join a class or want to go to the gym. They might want to go out running or swimming. It’s a good idea because exercising is an ideal boost to any weight loss plan. However, by the time the evening comes around you might be feeling tired after a long day at work or looking after your family. If you just wanted to forget everything, get into your pajamas, and settle down on the couch in front of the TV, not many people would blame you for that. Unfortunately, that means that your exercising can be missed out altogether.

Missing one class or workout can easily turn into missing another and another until you never end up exercising at all.

Changing your routine so that the first thing you do in the morning is exercising will help you to go through with it. Your day won’t have become so tiring, you won’t be so busy, and that couch won’t look so tempting.

Not Knowing What To Cook

We’re all busy and seemingly getting busier trying to settle on a good work-life balance. That can mean totally running out of time in the evening to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal. It’s quicker and easier to phone for takeout or heat something up in the microwave. Whilst these ideas are fine every now and then, doing them too often can have a seriously detrimental effect on our health.

Preparing healthy food in advance means that you will always have the time to make something good for you in the evening, no matter how busy you might be. All you need to do is set aside some time each week – one day when you aren’t so busy, or perhaps a couple of hours during the weekend – when you can prepare as much of the food for the week ahead in advance. If you can cook it in batches and freeze it, that’s perfect. All you then need to do is defrost and heat up the food, and you’ll have a fast, delicious, healthy meal in probably less time than it would take to order a pizza.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol contains a lot of calories, and if you’re doing everything you can think of to lose weight, and it’s still not happening it might be the amount of alcohol you’re drinking. Just one glass of white wine has around 100 calories in it, and a bottle of beer has between 75 and 180, depending on whether it’s a light beer or a stout. If you regularly drink alcohol through the week, why not cut it down so that you are only drinking on weekends instead? Or cut it out altogether if possible. Not only will you be consuming fewer calories, but you’ll feel more energized in your day to day life too.

If cutting out alcohol is a problem and you experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms then it is a good idea to see an expert who can help you. Once you have dealt with this issue, you can get back to thinking about losing weight and be more healthy as a result.

Not Being Equipped

Even the busiest of appointment books will be changed, and the most hectic of schedules will have cancelations and postponements. These times are the perfect opportunities to add in some extra exercising – even if it’s just ten minutes, that’s better than not doing it at all. If you don’t have any workout clothes with you, that time might be wasted. Therefore it’s a good idea to always put a spare set of workout clothing in your car or work locker, even in a bag by your desk, just in case you need it. You can then really make the most of that unexpected free time.

You Have To Drive Everywhere

You may think that your car is an invaluable possession, or that public transport is the only way you can get anywhere, and in some cases that is true. However, in other cases, you should try walking instead. For shorter journeys try completing them on foot and see how much better you feel. It will save you money as well.

It’s even simpler to start in much smaller ways. Take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator. Park farther away from store entrances, so you have a longer walk to get there.

By walking whenever possible throughout the day you’ll discover that you are burning many more calories (walking burns about 240 an hour) and getting stronger and fitter too.

You’re Rigid With Your Schedule

Having a rigid schedule may seem like the best plan when it comes to trying to lose weight, but it can have the opposite effect. A schedule will include ‘cheat’ days or meals but if you decide that one day a week is a cheat day and stick only to that then if you eat cheat foods outside of that time you will feel guilty and miserable. You’ll be disappointed in yourself.

Sometimes things will happen that mean you can’t stick to your healthy eating schedule – life can be spontaneous at times, plans change, anything can happen. Instead of feeling guilty for not eating healthily when something changes and your plan can’t be followed, simply adapt that plan to make up for it. Don’t allocate times and dates to your cheat items, just know roughly how much of the unhealthy foods you can eat so that you can keep on track at all other times.


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