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Four ways to optimize your gym workouts

Health & FitnessFour ways to optimize your gym workouts

Going to the gym has become one of the most popular pastimes for people in the modern day, whether this is to gain muscle mass, or to contribute to weight loss. It has led to the openings of hundreds and thousands of gyms, some of which promise workouts which can boost your fitness level more than others. You may be wondering how you can go to the gym and make your results come quicker and last for longer. Although lots of tips will assure you that they will have great effects, many of these are not backed by science. This is why you should follow a basic list of trusted tips, which will have you looking sharp and feeling great in no time.

Drink enough water

During any day in your life, you should be consuming the recommended daily intake of water, which consists of six to eight glasses, or about two liters. However, when you are in the gym and are doing activities that raise your heart rate and push your body, you will need to drink much more if you want to be able to continue your workout for as long as you have planned. Make sure to take a bottle of water with you whenever you go to the gym, where you can top up as you go along and cool yourself down from the heat of the room.

The way we drink water while exercising or how much water we drink directly influences the effectiveness of our training. If we don’t do it correctly or don’t drink the right amount, our workout may not have the effects we are looking for. After all, dehydration causes cramps, increased risk of injury, exhaustion, dizziness, poor muscle performance and lack of coordination (and all of these affect the quality of the exercise). Otherwise, drinking water too quickly (or too much) can cause bloating and nausea.

Of course, in the gym you should drink water: forget about sports drinks and don’t even think about energy drinks, which only provide excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar.

Have the right supplements

If you are trying to gain muscle mass, you will need certain nutrients that contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscles, such as protein. While you may be consuming a lot of this in your diet, it is best you get as much of it in your body as possible by consuming supplements, the best of which are Sportsfuel supplements. Having supplements like these in your diet will mean you can always be sure that you are getting the right mix of nutrients to give you enough energy, which will work alongside your workouts to yield progressive results.

Complete high-intensity workouts

Some studies have shown that it is better to complete high-intensity workouts over a short period of time, rather than doing moderate-intensity ones. This is because you are challenging your body to go further than before, but that it is also easier to complete short bursts of such exercises than do mundane ones which will take longer and don’t push you. Such activity can also boost your metabolism better if you are planning on losing weight, but also help your muscles grow. It also has the added benefit of giving you more time to plan and focus on other areas of your fitness routine.

It is a very effective method but its high intensity also increases the risk of injury without good technique. It is a very good tool to complement our training, but always under the supervision of a qualified coach until we have some basic knowledge.

Remember to rest

When you are in the mindset of aiming for success at the gym, it is easy to become addicted to how many times you go. While you might think this is productive, it is better for your body to have periods of rest, especially if your workouts are high intensity and have put a strain on your body. Having this recovery time will ensure you are well rested and have enough energy to exercise without being in pain or discomfort.


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