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4 amazing benefits of massage


If you have never had a massage, you are truly missing out. There is no need to worry about what you look like or having a stranger see you without clothes on, masseuses have seen every body shape there is, and they are there to make you feel good. If you are thinking of treating yourself and getting a massage, the benefits are endless. Here are just 4 great reasons to book that massage.

Stress Relief
One of the main reasons people get a massage is to reduce their stress levels. If you have a stressful job or have something going on at home that is putting your stress levels at an all-time high, a massage may be very beneficial to you. Having a massage can relieve tension and leave your mind and body feeling relaxed as you focus solely on the action of being massaged, as well as the sounds and smells around you, rather than what is bothering you.

Reduce Muscle Tension
If you tend to work out a lot and seem to have a lot of muscle tension, sports massages can help reduce this achy feeling and have you ready for the gym again. Not being able to walk after a leg workout can be painful and can have an impact on you the day after, a massage can help relieve this and get you back to normal quicker. This is essential to reduce the risk of damage when next at the gym and can be handy if you are training for a big event.

Ease Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression
Massages can help us feel better in mind, body and soul. When we are fully relaxed and distracted, we can let go of all our stressors and have some time away from any mental illnesses holding us back. Getting a massage when you are suffering from anxiety or depression can feel like a huge milestone, but remember they are not judging you and if it makes it easier, it may be useful to have a couples or friends massage. The smells can relax our mind and the feelings will relax our body, making us feel overall less anxious and depressed. Heaven and Earth Massage have lovely masseuses that will make you feel at ease from the moment you step through the door.

Relieve Arthritic Pain
If you suffer from arthritis, especially rheumatoid, massages can be great for relieving some of that pain and helping us feel better without the use of medicines. If you are suffering greatly with your arthritis, your doctor may even recommend getting regular massages to relax your muscles and relieve tension. Arthritis can be difficult to live with and doing anything to relieve some of the pain can help you live a normal life with your condition, rather than having it hold you back.

If you are suffering from a variety of conditions, massages can be a natural way of reducing this pain. Whatever reason you decide to treat yourself to a massage, you will come out feeling revitalised and de-stressed.


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