We all know that our spine plays a vital role in our bodies – but not many of us are fully aware of how to take proper care of it. When you take care of your spine, you are essentially taking care of your nervous system. If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, this may be related to your spine – and the problem can be addressed with the proper care. But what exactly do you know about your spine, and what can you do to take proper care of it? Let’s find out.

Fast facts

  • The entire length of a human being’s spine will be comprised of 25% cartilage. The cartilage has some impressive qualities; for instance, it can expand. Astronauts who have gone into space can grow or increase their height by up to 3%.
  • There is one factor which can have a tremendous impact or effect on your spine: gravity can have an effect on a person’s spine, and this is often the reason why people shrink or grow shorter when they get older. In fact, by 40 years of age, an individual can shrink by around 1/3 inches every decade.
  • This is something for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, whether for work or play: did you know that sitting at your desk may put your spine under substantial pressure? If you sit in this kind of position for too long, you are placing around 200 lbs. (90 kilos) of pressure on your lower back or lumbar spinal area. This is precisely the reason why many people regularly suffer from pain in the lower back.
  • The spine plays the essential role of protecting a person’s spinal cord, and the spinal cord is responsible for delivering messages through a person’s body.
  • The atlas, which is the name of the first or initial neck vertebrae, is the essential vertebrae in your spine. The atlas carries the weight of your head, after all. As you may already have guessed, the atlas got its name from the Greek mythological character who literally carried the world or the globe on his shoulders.

With all these fascinating facts, it’s clear to see how important it is for us to take care of our spines. One way you can make sure your spine is properly functioning is to have it cared for by an experienced and professional chiropractor, like a Cirencester chiropractor from Dyer St. Chiropractic. This is especially true if you have constant pain in your back, shoulders, neck, hips, and other parts of the body. With a spine that is properly aligned and taken care of, you can experience relief from pain – and function in a much better way.


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