Human brain is the most complicated creation which hasn’t been completely sorted out yet. It is the most intriguing and mysterious part and can shock people how their own brain works. There can be several functions of the human body which are controlled by the brain within nanoseconds. Any function that you intend to perform is controlled by the brain and send commands to the respective body part. Like if you want to pick the pen from the table your brain will command your hand to approach it and pick it up.

There are many interesting facts and figures about the brain which are not known by many people. Despite being progressed in the science, all parts and functionalities of the brain have not been discovered so far. Reading and knowing the interesting facts can put anyone in awe. This small organ which fits nicely inside a shell and make us perform all the necessary tasks in a blink. There are thousands of interesting facts about a brain but some from the Brain Facts are certainly amazing and cool to know.

Our small CPU which is taken for granted and hardly ever appreciate is capable of transferring information as fast as 120m/sec and as slow as 0.5m/sec. There are several conditions on which the processing speed depends upon. All the living beings require oxygen to survive in and just like that our brain also needs it to live. If somehow you get into a situation where you lose oxygen for 4-6 minutes, your brain will manage these minutes. However, the moment this time limit crosses, the brain starts dying. After 5-10 minutes without oxygen, your brain can permanently be damaged to function properly. Just like oxygen, a good diet is also very crucial for the health of your brain. People who go through aggressive diet plans can force their brain to eat itself. Similarly, the kids who are a victim of malnutrition can suffer from cognitive and behavioral problems. They have a low IQ and develop learning very slowly as well.

The brain of a baby uses almost 50% of the total glucose supply. This is perhaps the reason that babies spent most of their time sleeping. A study carried out on a group of individuals showed that those people who ate preservatives free food were able to perform14% better than the rest. Half part of a person’s genes are responsible for the complexity of their brain design. Whereas the other half contributes in describing the organization of the 98% of the body. If you want to have a part of your brain preserved, you can have it removed through surgery with very little or no effect on your personality or memory.

A human brain is just like the CPU of a computer. The only difference is that a human brain is much more complex than the brain which was created using the one in human skull. You can think, imagine, stress, find solution, feel happy, sad or agitated all because of this one essential organ of your body. So in all and all, you owe so much to your brain and sometimes, your brain also owed you a lot.


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