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Creating a spiritual practice as you age


Life offers a unique experience for growth that, with a spiritual practice, one can navigate into wholeness. Some researchers conclude that those with spiritual practices live longer. It is worth however mentioning that taking care of our health is part of the spiritual journey. Given that the spirit is not tangible, it is the physical body that acts as a conduit to attain a healthy spiritual life. With one’s health in check, the spirituality becomes the fuel for a healthy and positive outlook on life.

Whether you’re in your 20s or 70s, the aging process is not easy. For those in the retirement age, it presents a unique opportunity to focus on their spiritual growth. With the time suddenly opening up with no job to go to or the children have moved out, it is crucial to find healthy practices to help with the transition. There are always media depictions of seniors having a fantastic time but what they miss out is the initial months after retirement where some find it hard to cope and form a routine when one they had followed for years in near autopilot comes to an end.

It is therefore helpful to have a practice that one can expand during retirement instead of starting over. If you meditate a few minutes a day, that can now extend to two or more hours on a given day. There are many ways in which people on the globe approach spirituality. For one it would be taking a journey to holy land, another would be dedicating more time to a charity, whether religion-affiliated or otherwise and yet for another becoming a tutor Barrie students enjoy learning from. A spiritual practice is, therefore, anything that heightens the inner self. This journey is unique to all and takes different paths to fulfillment even within members of the same religion.

As mentioned earlier, a healthy body is essential to longevity. When a person finds purpose and meaning in life, they want to extend their life to live it out. Almost naturally a person begins making small changes to their body as they come into awareness. Physical wellness does not have to take the form of a spin class though for some it can. For another, it could be undertaking a long meditative walk in a nearby park. Being active earlier in life sets us up to enjoy life more as they will have few physical limitations and more ways to explore their spirituality.

How does one then begin the journey to an enhanced spiritual experience? The best approach is to research and explore various options available that appeal to us. For one it could be learning more about their religion by taking classes to become well versed with their faith. For another, it could mean diving deep into psychology books to understand the inner workings of the mind. The bottom line is that spirituality varies. It only requires taking the time and discipline to find it.


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