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8 ways to challenge yourself every day

Health & Fitness8 ways to challenge yourself every day

There are many ways that you can try to improve yourself and become a better person. However, for many, they probably only do one thing at a time, such as learn something, and that might take them months or a year to complete. Although this is a great way to improve yourself, there are other ways that you can challenge yourself every day and perhaps tick a few more things off your bucket list.

Learn Something New

You might think that it would be tough to learn something new every day, but even the smallest things are something you didn’t know yesterday. Try watching a documentary on YouTube about something you never knew before or learning a new recipe that you can try. If you think about learning something every day, that’s 365 new things you will know in a year. You can start by trying to list as many things as you want to learn as possible and then once you have worked through those you can often get great ideas from other people’s bucket lists.

Try Something New

When it comes to trying something new, it’s a good idea to go outside your comfort zone if possible. That way, you will be trying new things and grow as a person as well. Try food from another country that you haven’t tried before or cook something you normally wouldn’t attempt. You can also go for a new look and change one new thing each day. It might be wearing your hair differently, trying a new top, or getting contact lenses for the first time from a great website like Perfect Lens World. You may well find that you discover something you never knew you would like that takes you in a whole new direction.

Do Something Productive in Downtime

With so much technology around these days, it can be difficult to get time to yourself. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some time in the day to switch everything off and spend some time doing a creative thing instead. You could do some decluttering of the house, work on a puzzle, start painting a room, the list is endless. By doing this for 30 minutes each day, you can get more done, and have a break from the constant attachment to technology.

Set New Goals

To be successful in anything you do, you need to set yourself challenging goals. However, most people never set a time limit on them, so they can get forgotten or put on the back burner. To refocus your time and goals, try to set yourself a new one every day. They could be ones that you have to complete before the next day or longer-term goals but setting them is the important thing. Write them down and give them a time frame so you can stay focused.

Find a Mentor

Finding someone that can help you improve yourself and the work you do is a great way to grow your life and make it better. If you write a blog for example, then try talking to another blogger you admire and asking them to help you. Even if its to only answer a few questions you have, it will give you valuable information that you can use on your own blog. It could even work well in your job, you could speak to your boss about asking some to mentor you in a job role you have always wanted to do. Not only will it impress your boss, but it will also give you a new skill.

Do Something for Someone Else

There is no better feeling than being to help someone else and seeing them happy. You should aim to try and help someone else every day if you can, and it doesn’t have to be in person. You can do anything from helping someone with their shopping or getting a buggy down the stairs, to offering advice to someone. A great way to do that is to join a forum for a subject you like such as first-time parents or pets. There will often be people that have questions on the topic, so if you have a helpful answer, let them know. Your piece of advice might be the one thing that solves their problem or makes them feel better about themselves. If you have the time, you can also start volunteering for your local charity. You don’t have to commit, and they are usually happy for any help you can give.

Visit a New Place

There are many possibilities for visiting new places, you could decide that you are going to book a holiday to a country you have never visited before, but it can be much smaller than that. Why not try that coffee shop you have always walked past, or going to see that memorial you have always wanted to see? Perhaps you can stay on the train of the bus a little longer and get out to explore somewhere new. There might even be parts of your local town or city that you haven’t explored yet.

Meet Someone New

For a lot of people, meeting people for the first time is one of their biggest fears. However, if you can make an effort to meet someone new every day, you might soon end up with a lot of friends. All it takes is to say hello to someone at work you have never spoken to or introducing yourself to someone new on the forum you follow. Even if they don’t reply, you have still made an effort, and you never know, they might say hi back. Many encounters like this have led to some long and happy friendships so its worth the effort.

Stepping out of your comfort zone to try some of these things can be tough, but if it works out, you have discovered something special and become a better person as a result. Try and do at least a couple of these things every day.


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