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How to resume outdoor exercise and avoid unnecessary injuries after lockdown


Sport has once again taken over the streets, avenues, green areas and promenades of thousands of cities and towns. Runners, cyclists or simply people walking at a good pace who are thus freed from the tensions, worries and sedentary lifestyle that, to a greater or lesser extent, have been abused in recent weeks.

However, this is not the time to try and make up for lost time in a hurry. Some extra pounds may have settled in the body, muscle mass may have been lost, and although perhaps during confinement we have been reminded of our conscience and have tried to practice some sporting activity, it is more likely that physical fitness has suffered.

The specialists make it clear: it is advisable to dust off, in addition to the sports shoes, leggings or tracksuit, also common sense and caution. Returning to the sports routine requires patience, time and perseverance to avoid unnecessary injuries or risks of respiratory and/or cardiovascular problems.

Start with soft exercise, which allows us to breathe without difficulty. The intensity, duration and frequency of each session can be progressively increased.

Warm up at the beginning for 5-10 minutes. After this, we recommend a development with cardiovascular and strength exercise, prepared by a qualified trainer and finish with a return to calm, without stopping abruptly. Always finish with stretching exercises.

Nutrition, hydration and recovery are keys to health and exercise development.

If there are cardiovascular risk factors, chronic diseases or injuries, it is appropriate to consult your physiotherapist before resuming the activity.

Respect at all times the indications of the authorities on the necessary measures to be observed when exercising outdoors. Safety distances are essential, wash your hands well before and after starting the exercise, do not touch your face.


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