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Three good reasons to sleep naked


Less than 5% of the population sleeps naked, according to several studies. And that’s a real shame when you consider the health benefits.

Here are three good reasons to consider starting to do so if you don’t.

The body needs to cool down

As you probably know, the average body temperature is about 36.8°C. However, a closer look has shown that body temperature follows the pattern of the circadian cycle (sleep-wake). That’s why, while we sleep, around 5 a.m., it drops to 36 °C.

Well, this drop in body heat has important physiological implications, such as making the body secrete less cortisol, the stress hormone.

Makes you happier

The direct rubbing of the skin causes the secretion of oxytocin, the hormone of attachment and happiness. That’s why sleeping without clothes contributes to the union and happiness of couples. As you can imagine, pajamas are the great enemies of oxytocin. The bed is the place where one can be most freely unclothed, so why should I waste it?

This change, of course, significantly improves your sex life. There’s not much to explain about this. Just imagine two people with no clothes on a bed and high levels of oxytocin secreted into the environment.

Increases self-confidence

Spending time without clothes one soon begins to feel more comfortable with one’s own body, accepting it as it is.

But that’s not all: it will also make you focus more on things that can be improved and work towards achieving your goal. It’s the same logic behind every year’s “bikini operation”, only you’ll get ahead of it by looking better all the time.


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