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What it is and how to fight emotional hunger


Eating without hunger, eating out of anxiety… that’s what we call emotional hunger. Emotional hunger arises suddenly and asks the body to satisfy that “need” with a specific food, which is usually associated with sweets, chips, candy or fast food, in short, foods rich in carbohydrates and fats. But… Why do we have this need to eat all at once? How can we fight it?

Emotional hunger is born as a response to emotional distress and instead of investigating what affects us, it is buried by eating. The interesting thing, besides putting a stop to gastronomic excesses and regulating them, is to investigate alone or with professional help what is happening to us, to remedy it if possible and if not to assume it and try to overcome it.


  • One of the best tricks to avoid emotional hunger is to distract the mind with any simple activity, reading, painting, working …
  • Practicing physical exercise is a highly recommended habit to reduce anxiety and live in a more optimistic way. Experts recommend 40 minutes of cardio a day to live anxiety free.
  • Mindfulness research and practice proposals aim to improve people’s quality of life through their practices, making their days fuller and happier. In this way anxiety will decrease and, with it, emotional hunger.
  • Milk is a food that helps appease the appetite. Drinking half a glass of milk before going to bed or between meals can be a great help in avoiding emotional hunger.
  • Emotional hunger is closely related to the consumption of sugary foods. Therefore, it is best to avoid these and other equally caloric ingredients at home and opt for healthier versions of snacks.
  • It’s better not to gorge yourself on coffee, tea, colas, and much less tobacco to trick hunger, since all three are powerful anxiolytics that will make you feel worse in the short term.
  • Caffeine- and theine-free teas, such as roibos, are not only anxiety relievers but also ideal for curbing appetite.
  • Drinking water alone or with lemon, orange or a touch of fruit is healthy, refreshing and simply delicious. They take up space in the stomach and entertain.
  • Fresh cheese or skimmed yogurt are two good examples of fighting emotional hunger. These foods, in addition to providing nutrients, are not high in calories.
  • A good habit for those who bite is to make many small meals a day, to calm hunger and keep the metabolism going. In this case the trick is in the proteins; if those small meals contain a good dose of protein we are in front of the perfect diet.
  • Doing a therapeutic work to know better our emotional discomfort, to know its origin, to learn how to control it and/or tolerate it, is probably the best method to deal with our “emotional hunger”.


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