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The two easiest exercises without equipment to train your legs at home

Health & FitnessThe two easiest exercises without equipment to train your legs at home

Although we can now start training outside, go to the gym or work out on the street, the reality is that exercising at home is still very comfortable and great for our health and fitness. Therefore, working the lower body, especially the legs, is an excellent option.

A simple way to do this is with these two leg exercises, with which we will not need any kind of material.


Squats are one of the most basic exercises and used to work our legs. With this exercise we work our quadriceps, but also the whole middle area and the buttocks. We don’t need any more material, since we exercise with our body weight.

Although it is a very common exercise and seems simple, the technique is very important. We’ll have to open our feet to the width of the hip. When we go down we will have to imitate the movement we would make if we were to sit on a chair behind or on a stool. We’ll have to keep our backs as straight as possible.



Strides are another of the most used exercises to work the lower body, our quadriceps and hamstrings. We’ll stand up and spread our feet shoulder-width apart. We advance one leg and bend it to 90 degrees while keeping the torso as straight as possible. The leg behind remains anchored, but it goes down a little by inertia without the knee touching the ground. We go back to the original position and change legs.



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