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How can you practice running if you only have 30 minutes to train?


For those of us who are still running in the summer months, the early morning hours are usually an ideal time to do so: it’s not hot yet, there aren’t many people on the streets and, if we manage to beat the alarm clock, the reward of activating ourselves for the rest of the day is another incentive.

On the less positive side is that, in many cases, we will have to train just before starting work, so the time available to us for this is reduced significantly (unless you get up very early, something that may or may not enter into our personal tastes).

If you only have about 30 minutes to train before starting your workday, these three types of training you can do in that time so you can make the most of it.

  • Series training: The series is a fast but intense training that helps us to train in a short time. We can opt for a higher number of short series (200 or 500 meters) or two or three long series (1000 or 2000 meters) with rest intervals at the trot to cover that half hour of training.
  • Training from less to more: since we are going to do a short training, starting at a quiet trot pace and “warming up” at the end with a good sprint can be a good solution when we have little time. We can increase our speed every kilometre or every 500 metres, depending on our form. An example of training: first kilometer at 6 min/km, second kilometer at 5:45 min/km, third at 5:30 min/km, fourth at 5:15 min/km, up to kilometer 4.5 to 5 min/km and last 500 meters of sprint.
  • Combine sprints with strength exercises: a winning combination if we want to notice that we have done a good job in a short time. Do a 500-metre sprint, walk for a few minutes so as not to stop in the dry and do 10-15 burpees. Run another 500-meter sprint, walk for a couple of minutes and again do another round of burpees. Here we can play with both the running distances and the amount of burpees or other exercises we want to do. A different and enjoyable way to take advantage of a short training.


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