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Nutritional tips to improve training performance

Health & FitnessNutritional tips to improve training performance

It can happen that people who do physical activity lose the objective, which is to carry out a comprehensive nutritional plan that includes food, hydration and rest in order to optimize performance in training and, thus, achieve the proposed goals effectively without rurrender too early.

An athlete does not stop being an athlete off track, he has to eat, sleep and hydrate even when he is on the move. Eating, resting and hydration habits can directly affect performance and also have an impact on the body.

Feeding will impact on performance and, lowers the risk of injury and illness. This does not mean that you should submit to a rigorous diet, but rather that you should know what, how much and when to eat in a healthy way, according to the stage of training so that you do not lack the fuel for the competition or sport and facilitate recovery.

Drinking water by discipline and not by sensations

Dehydration and glycogen depletion generate fatigue and minimize performance. Energy is released during physical activity and fluids are also lost through sweating. This sweat evaporates, helping to maintain body temperature. So the main function of water during exercise is body cooling, so if lost fluids are not properly replenished, dehydration can result.

Carbohydrates, the main fuel of the sportsman

Carbohydrates are key for the athlete, since they are the muscle fuel that makes everything work in a coordinated way. But sometimes it happens that in order to eat them, only pasta is taken into account. However, there is a wide variety of foods that provide these nutrients such as sweet potatoes, polenta, rice or potatoes.

Eat a meal immediately after exercise to recover

In the post-exercise diet, one must choose foods that are digestible, or liquids that have the necessary nutrients. If the training is intense, the recovery should be complete. If this intake is not carried out, it could cause corporal pain, increase predisposition to injuries and illnesses, emotional alterations such as irritability and bad mood.

Good fats, without forgetting that they have calories.

To get the necessary fuel for training and recovery, you must eat at least 4 meals, avoiding processed foods but combining hydrates, more proteins, more vegetables and fruits.

So you should not only exercise to be in shape. Every effort requires a reward and, in this case, food and good habits are essential to achieve the goal. You are on time!


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