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What foods contain linoleic acid?

Health & FitnessWhat foods contain linoleic acid?

Several foods contain linoleic acid. This lipid has cardiovascular health benefits and it has been suggested that it may be positive in setting a weight loss goal.

In fact, it is an essential health nutrient that should be present in a varied diet to help prevent chronic disease. Some nutritionists recommend linoleic acid supplementation to supplement the diet, although it can be obtained through diet.

The major sources of linoleic acid are plant foods. Especially nuts and oils are rich in this lipid. However, it can also be found in eggs and some cereals.

Seed oils also contain this fatty acid, although there are experts who advise against its consumption on a regular basis and much more fried foods with this type of fat. The adverse effects of the other lipid components may outweigh the benefits.

In order to guarantee the correct intake of linoleic acid in the diet, it is essential to ensure that the diet is varied. The introduction of nuts and dried fruit, as a rule, in mid-morning snacks and in the afternoon, is an effective option for this purpose.

In any case, we should not forget that this lipid belongs to the group of omega-6 fatty acids. The intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids must be balanced to avoid inflammatory states in the body. This is stated in a research published in the magazine Nutrients. Losing this balance could result in a risk factor for the development of obesity.


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