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Three benefits of starting your summer days with exercise


One of the million dollar questions when we exercise is: better in the morning or in the afternoon? The reality is that this question will be answered depending on one’s lifestyle and needs. However, in the summer it can be especially interesting to train early in the day. These are some of the benefits we will get during the hot months by choosing the morning as the time to exercise.

We are activated for the whole day

One of the things that happens when we train first thing in the morning is that it is an activation that will last us for the whole day, especially for the hours when we have to perform the most. Making the decision to get out of bed earlier to go training can be difficult, but especially for people who find it hard to start the day, it can be a great energy boost.

Improving performance at work

And this will impact our job performance for the better. This is due not only to activation, but the performance of sport helps us to release endorphins. These hormones are related to improved resolution in the tasks we undertake.

More pleasant and safer temperatures

One of the problems we encounter when training in summer is that temperatures can be too high and put us at risk of heat stroke or similar. Therefore, training first thing in the morning, when temperatures are lower, can be a great option and safer.

It’s easier to find a personal trainer

If we need help to start exercising regularly, we have the option of hiring a personal trainer. Knowing that someone is waiting for us to exercise and that it is costing us money is (human nature is like that) a sufficient motivation not to faint at first sight. While in the afternoon these professionals are usually confined to the gyms, in the mornings it is easier to find one who can take care of us.

It is also important to note that when we train in the morning, as we have to get up earlier, we end the day with less energy or more tired. However, the advantage is that training early in the day helps us to sleep better, reducing the time it takes us to fall asleep.


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