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The more studies are done, the clearer it is that exercise is better than drugs for living longer and better


Exercise can offer a variety of positive effects to our organism, especially if it is done regularly and adapted to our particularities. However, more and more drugs are being used in different conditions and the number of sedentary people is growing. To demonstrate that this should change the scientific evidence points out that exercise is just as effective in reducing mortality as drugs for many diseases and offers other health benefits.

A meta-analysis including different trials, involving a total of over 300,000 participants, compared the effect of drugs and exercise in reducing mortality after stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure and diabetes prevention.

The results show such an effect of exercise and drugs on mortality in the face of diseases such as those mentioned above, which invites us to reflect on why we continue to choose the latter in many cases.

In addition to having a similar effect as drugs on reducing mortality when we already have a pathology or, what is the same, for secondary prevention to delay the progression of a disease or to control it, exercise has many other benefits to offer.

Firstly, exercise can be much more accessible, cheaper and without adverse effects than the drugs used to treat the diseases. Likewise, exercise can help us improve the quality of life by positively impacting our metabolic health and helping us reduce the risk of suffering other pathologies in the future.

Regarding our state of mind, emotional and mental health, exercise can also be beneficial when we have an illness, while drugs are expensive, can involve adverse effects and only serve to produce specific effects in the face of certain pathologies.

For all these reasons, it is time to reflect on exercise not only to prevent but also to control diseases, as part of their treatment or to reduce the consequences of different conditions on mortality.


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