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What are the constraints of ultrasound?

Health & FitnessWhat are the constraints of ultrasound?

Everyone is aware of the many advantages of ultrasound, which include the fact that it is a painless method and that it has contraindications. But on the other hand, naturally, it also has its weak points, so now it is time to know what the limitations of ultrasound are.

The diagnosis that can be generated from this technique depends a lot on the experience or how inspired the radiologist is who is reading and analyzing the ultrasound. It must be taken into account that the ultrasound is a technical-dependent test, so the result of the ultrasound is necessarily largely dependent on the professional who is performing it.

On the other hand, this type of test is only used to analyze the organs. In other words, the ultrasound is not used to evaluate the bones. Neither can the intestines be seen with this technique.

One of the most negative points of the ultrasounds is suffered by obese people. It is very simple to understand. Think that the more fat that has to pass through the sound wave, the lower the quality of the resulting ultrasound; it’s obvious. The ultrasound wave itself is lost and its action decreases as it passes through the adipose tissue. This is a major setback.

In addition, ultrasound does not tolerate gas well. In other words, ultrasound is reflected when there is gas or air in the body. This causes the image to be distorted and not seen correctly. To avoid this type of situation in organs such as the esophagus, stomach or intestine, it is convenient to perform an endoscopy or a tomography with contrast.

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