If there is one fruit that is truly surprising for its taste, appearance and important nutritional properties that are beneficial to health, it is, without a doubt, the pomegranate.

Rich in polyphenols and minerals such as potassium, this fruit stands out for its powerful antioxidant power, its anti-inflammatory properties and its purifying capacity. It contains hardly any calories, since an edible portion of 100 grams provides approximately 34 kilocalories, and is composed mainly of water and sugars.

Among the minerals, the high quantity of potassium stands out, which makes its consumption beneficial for the muscular and nervous systems. On the other hand, it presents small quantities of vitamin C and vitamins of the group B, being the citric acid the one in charge to provide this fruit with its characteristic flavor and to harness the vitaminic action.

This fruit belongs to the family of the punicaceae and is native to South Asia, Persia and Afghanistan. It contains a huge amount of tannins, polyphenolic compounds mainly present in the rind with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

It also has a significant amount of flavonoids, specifically anthocyanins, which exert an antioxidant power capable of neutralizing the harmful action of free radicals in the body.


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