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Skin supplements: what they are for and when to take them


Food supplements or supplements contain essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids…) that help to supplement our diet. As its name indicates, they do not replace food, but rather complement it. In that sense they can help us to improve our skin or our hair, but only if they are consumed in an adequate way. So the most advisable thing to do before starting a treatment with supplements is to consult a pharmacist or a doctor.

What are supplements for?

Skin supplements act from within the body and are an essential complement to a balanced and varied diet and also to topical cosmetics (creams and other beauty products). Nutricosmetics help to delay skin aging, strengthen hair, in times of hair loss, and nails, also serves to enhance tanning, neutralize free radicals and repair sun damage.

When to take them?

Sometimes with food we do not get all the nutrients we need. For example, this occurs with collagen, one of the most well-known nutritional supplements. With age our organism decreases the capacity to produce and synthesize collagen, an essential protein for the good health of bones, joints and also skin. Obtaining collagen from food is very complicated because it is present in areas that we do not normally take (fish bones and skin, for example). That is why we recommend taking collagen from the age of 30 onwards to delay wrinkles and skin flaccidity, as well as to keep our bones and joints in shape.

In the case of supplements to strengthen the hair, it is recommended to take them in periods of seasonal fall or fall due to stress. They are the perfect complement if we use anti-fall shampoos to enhance their action.

Sun supplements are recommended in spring and summer, to prepare the skin for the sun, and repair the damage it can cause. But, be careful, they always have to be accompanied by topical sun protection (please remember: use sunscreen).


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