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Can I do crossfit if I have never done sport?


One of the advantages of the CrossFit is its great capacity to adapt to any level of physical condition. If you are starting to practice physical activity and have thought about trying the CrossFit, here we tell you what you will find and what you will feel after the first few sessions.

What is the CrossFit?

The CrossFit is a training method for any person and any age. Three of its main characteristics are variety, high intensity and no specialization in any particular ability. This creates a very versatile and complete formula.

The CrossFit can be adapted to any person. Even if you are not in good physical condition, the different workouts or WODs (Workout of the Day) are highly adaptable to your level.

You may also have heard that the CrossFit is very harmful, but this is not fair. It is not fair to say that CrossFit is harmful when it is practiced according to the basic principles of training such as the principle of progressive overload. If the motivation to go beyond that makes you reckless and negligent, then you are sure to get injured, not just in CrossFit, but in any sport.

However, all of this should not worry you since your goal now is to learn the technique of the exercises and lay down some foundations.

How do you structure a CrossFit class?

If you are just starting out, this is not the time to go it alone. Ideally, you will go to classes where you will train in a group and have a coach to help you adapt the exercises to your level.

  • Warm up: any physical effort requires previous physical and mental preparation. In the CrossFit classes you will start by raising your body temperature to prepare for the subsequent efforts.
  • Skills: this part of the class is dedicated to the technique of the different exercises. It is important to take our time in this part of the class as this is where the real skills and abilities you will need in the future are built. What you learn here you can practice at home or at other times in the box if you pay the open fee.
  • Strength: In this part of the class you will focus on strength work, which is the foundation, along with technique, of any training program.
  • WOD: Before you finish you will do the workout of the day which will be written on a board. Each day there will be a different one, with different exercises, different repetitions and different efforts. Dedicate yourself to doing them day after day and see your marks improve little by little. Focus on finishing the WODs, not on them finishing you.
  • Cool down: After your heart rate has risen through the roof, you can’t go home, so you need to cool down by relaxing and stretching.

How can I adapt the exercises?

You should know that being new or not, you will do the same exercises as the others, they will simply adapt to you to a greater or lesser degree both in execution and in material and load used.

  • If you need to learn to do your 5RM squats with your body weight, do it first.
  • If you have to learn how to do a ring-bottom first, do it with your body weight.
  • If you have to use rubber bands to do your pull-ups, use them, from the thickest to the thinnest.

And so on. There are accessories and variations of the exercises that will adapt to each phase of your evolution.

Am I going to have stiffs?

Yes, you are going to have some sore spots. If you start from scratch, you will have them in any sport you do, but you have to take into account that in CrossFit, being a sport of such a high variety, the stiff never completely disappear. What is certain is that the more often you do CrossFit, the more your body will adapt to the effort and the less you will have to suffer from sore limbs.

How do I choose my ideal CrossFit box?

The two main things you should find out about each CrossFit box are

The activities and schedules they offer. The more classes and schedules they have, the easier it is for them to adapt to yours so you don’t miss any.
The material. If you decide to pay the open fee that will allow you to go to train on your own whenever you want, it is important to check if there will be enough material to train while a class is being given. It usually happens that when a class is in progress, the people who are doing it will hog most of the material and kilos available in the box. If from time to time you want to train on your own, make sure you have enough material.

For the rest, talk to and get to know the trainers, who know your case and who are looking out for you, especially at the beginning.


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