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Consequences of spending too much time sitting


Who hasn’t been sitting for a long time? In the West, people tend to sit down to eat, work, go to the bathroom, read, among other activities. However, this posture can pose a health risk, so this very common and comfortable position could be very harmful.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down, your blood pressure drops and your metabolism slows down slightly. In addition, the muscles used for walking, jumping, standing and completing daily actions begin to relax and even the buttocks become deactivated. The latter because most of the body supports it. As for the abdomen which acts as the main stabilizers, they begin to soften.

Before, the bones were constantly forced and this was because the constant application of force through daily actions (walking, standing, running, etc.), caused the conduction of nutrients to the bone fibers, making them stronger. But now our bones tend to be more fragile when we sit down. Sitting at 90º every day causes the hip flexor muscles to shorten. Similarly, this forces the spine to take on an unnatural curvature.

So the ideal is to sit for short periods, but when the lapses are longer, the lower back muscles are involved in order to help having the posture. Then the lower spine is forced to compress and is not designed to resist such situation. In addition, researchers have found a direct relationship between prolonged sitting and some diseases such as type 2 diabetes, several types of cancer and heart disease.

Therefore, it would be necessary to reconsider this position, which is seen as natural, and find a better alternative in order to avoid generating an injury as much as possible.


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