Today, most people live with computers, tablets and smartphones. However, the continuous use of electronic devices affects health in a shocking way. So it’s not too much to know about technological injuries to try to avoid them as much as possible. Don’t take it lightly!

The excessive use of different apparatuses brings a series of affections of neuro-muscular-skeletal type that have been increasing as they are the tendinitis De Quervain of the thumb, epicondylitis or elbow of tennis and the syndrome of the tunnel carpal.

In this sense, doctors indicate that the inadequate use of the devices can derive certain cervical and lumbar pathologies. In fact, more and more children and young people suffer from stiffness in the fingers, headache and neck pain. These problems are linked to writing or looking at the screen while walking, since the alignment axis of the body is not maintained and the neck is always bent. This in turn causes a feeling of tension in the shoulder and neck area, as the trapeziums and scapula are overloaded. Even hours of typing can cause a tingling sensation and tendinitis is becoming more and more common.

But that’s not all, as the headache is also present. The origin of the pain in the neck can be present and, in the worst case, lead to occipital neuralgia (inflamed occipital nerves), which results in severe headaches such as pricks, pressure from the ears and eyeballs. There may also be a feeling of dizziness due to the contraction of the suboccipital (muscles that facilitate head movements).

Another injury is due to spending hours sitting in a chair in front of a computer, which can bring back pain that can sometimes become chronic. This pathology is known as computer syndrome, which presents itself as back pain, tendinitis of the palm or wrist, contractures, dry eyes, obesity, neck pain and fluid retention.

So the main thing is to correct and apply good postural hygiene in order to avoid future problems. In addition, it is advisable to stretch, stand up continuously, keep your eyes straight and avoid looking at your smartphone, tablet or computer for hours. Remember that the important thing is prevention.


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