Not all that glitters is gold and with this idea in mind we should always look at what we eat, because only with critical eyes can we identify the little traps of the food industry. To help you in this difficult task, here are seven foods that seem very healthy but may be ruining your diet.

Fruit juices

Always a piece of fruit will be healthier than a juice, in which the fiber is almost completely eliminated and therefore, we have a liquid that does not satiate the same as the whole and fresh fruit and also has a high glycemic index.

Even worse if it is a commercial juice that can have added sugars. And the key is to make a moderate and unusual consumption of them, because eaten on a daily basis, they have been associated with as many health problems as other sugary drinks can cause. In fact, juices together with other drinks are responsible for a great part of our sugar intake.

Fast food salads

Salads are usually the symbol of healthy food and are the preparation that fast food places incorporate to encourage us to buy without neglecting the diet.

However, these salads are not what they seem, they can be full of fat and sodium and be a calorie bomb, even more than a few fries or a burger.

The key is to look beyond the word salad, because dressings, fried or battered ingredients, cheeses and others can greatly increase the calories of the dish and fill it with unhealthy nutrients.

Cereal bars

Cereal bars are one of the foods considered healthiest, but it is not what it seems. Although it has cereals and many times, nuts, in the case of commercial ones, its main nutrient is usually sugar in different versions.

Thus, far from being source of fiber, the cereal bars are concentrated in calories derived from simple sugars that we know, in excess they can cause different problems of health. If we wish, we can make our versions healthier and homemade.

Industrial Fruit Smoothies

The fruit smoothies that we can get in any store and that become very coveted when temperatures start to rise, are generally considered very healthy, however, they can be of worse quality than you imagine.

A shake can have up to 46 grams of sugar, with very little protein and fiber and the worst, have more calories than a soda.

The word fruit in its denomination does not make it a healthy food although that is the first thing that we think before its name. Of course, very different can be a shake made at home, with our own hands.

Agave syrup

Agave syrup is a natural and unrefined option to the classic sugar. It has a higher sweetening power and a lower contribution of hydrates, but it is still 78% sugar.

In this case, it is not mostly glucose, but fructose, a sugar that many consider to be healthier but in reality, it can also induce excess weight and other health problems in our body due to ectopic lipid accumulation.

On the other hand, it is one of the names given to sugar on food labels and under which the food industry often hides added sugars.

Coffee chain drinks

If you are one of those who sees nothing wrong with buying a coffee to drink while walking to work, you should know that these types of drinks are not the same as the coffee you can drink at home, but many of them have more calories than a soda.

A coffee can have antioxidants and offer great benefits, but in this case, they are elaborate drinks, with added ingredients, and not only chocolates or coffees are concentrated in calories, but also other tea-based drinks for example can be loaded with sugar, as shown by a study by the non-governmental organization Action On Sugar.


Rolled tortillas are marketed as a healthier option to the classic fast food that we can find in large fast food chains, however, they are no less caloric than a hamburger.

In addition, they are concentrated in fat and sodium and also, they can be a source of sugars depending on the ingredients that are added to it, but most of them include sauces, cold cuts and/or sausages or other foods that add low quality calories to the preparation.

These are seven foods considered very healthy but that can be ruining your diet, because not only do they not have the nutritional quality that we expect but, because we believe them to be a better option and healthier than others, we can consume them in greater proportions.

However, do not forget that there are no good or bad foods, but everything depends on the quantities, frequency and other factors, because if you eat sporadically some of these foods will not affect your health, but if you make a habitual and/or excessive use of them, then they can be the cause of your diet being ruined.


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