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Health & FitnessHealth hazards of abdominal fat

Although many people do not give it the importance it should when there is an excess of fat that accumulates around the organs of the abdomen. It’s time to be aware and not throw away the dangers to health of excessive abdominal circumference, as this is a risk factor. So we should know everything that it brings with it to avoid it at all costs.

Abdominal girth measurements go beyond aesthetics. It is in this area of the body where most fat accumulates, and if so, it can become a cardiovascular risk factor. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that the measure should not exceed 88 cm (34,6 inches) in women, while in men amounts to 102 cm (40,1 inches).

Cardiovascular risks increase when there is obesity. Therefore, if the abdominal circumference exceeds the measures considered healthy, it can lead to a large number of circulatory problems. If the kilos are distributed in different parts of the body, there are cardiac pathologies. However, this can be aggravated if it increases the fat in that area more than in other body regions. This is because the intra-abdominal fatty tissue contains cells (adipocytes) that produce a certain amount of hormones with metabolic value.

These adipocytes release free fatty acids, which are metabolized by the liver using energy instead of glucose. This in turn causes the sugar not used by the liver to remain in the body and increase its level. This process causes an increase in blood lipids, and blood glucose may rise abruptly.

This is why a bulging abdomen is a problem that goes beyond a physical perception, as it can lead to metabolic syndrome. This is characterized by an increase in bad cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as a decrease in good cholesterol and an increase in blood pressure or hyperglycemia.

So to avoid the increase of fat in the abdominal circumference, the ideal would be to lead a healthy lifestyle such as a balanced diet free of saturated fats and simple sugars, good hydration to prevent fluid retention, good rest and constant physical activity.


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