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The best way to ‘survive’ Christmas is to control alcohol, desserts and portions


Christmas has always been the great enemy of healthy diets. The tables dressed up with innumerable dishes forming a menu abundant in unusual recipes in the day to day is a break with the healthiest habits and not to mention the desserts and the glycemic peak that represent from traditional sweets to chocolates.

However, by following three simple tricks, this year it will be possible to keep Christmas and its excesses at bay without having to take our hands to our head on January 2nd. “Control the amounts of food, alcohol consumption and desserts” are the simplest tips that we can put into practice ourselves.

The ‘are only four meals’ that until now justified excesses during the holidays this year will be true, as the health situation and social restrictions will influence the volume of dinners, meals and brunches that will be held. Therefore, this year it will be much easier to control excesses.

But, before continuing and seeing some tips to keep yourself at bay without suffering during Christmas, it is important to understand that justifying these excesses is not in line with healthy habits and that, although it is something very personal, the way to limit these justifications is to put health and a healthy diet first.

Likewise, and in order to avoid bounces of guilt, if we have healthy habits that last over time, ‘four copious meals’ are not going to make us lose the progress made during the rest of the year. If, however, you are looking for quick, short-term results (and probably difficult to maintain over time), Christmas meals will make a difference.

There are plenty of options for healthy eating at this time of year. Roasts, fish in sauces, cured meats… are dishes that have always been present on our Christmas tables and with all the logic in the world, we would recommend continuing to include them on the menu. This type of preparation has good nutritional values and, therefore, when it comes to choosing it is better to go for it.

When it comes to ‘limiting’, in a way, the damage of Christmas, we must consider returning to normal after the banquets. More than compensating with other meals or days, we would talk about returning to normalcy from the last bite we take in those celebrations.

Thus, the three great advices of the nutritionists to survive to the celebrations happen to limit and to control more than to prohibit: to watch the amount that we throw to us in the plate, the amount of alcohol that we drink and the amount of candies that we eat. You can enjoy everything without having to overdo it. And then, it’s a matter of returning to daily habits without self-punishment. We have up to 360 days to keep doing things right.


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