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Healthy habits to face January that should become a lifestyle

Health & FitnessHealthy habits to face January that should become a lifestyle

It is inevitable: the dreaded January is part of our lives year after year, making us look back and regret having eaten that extra dessert. We are already in 2021 and it is time to put a stop to the excesses in order to face the scale and, above all, to take care of our health.

During this period, numerous lightning diets star in the headlines of Internet search engines, a serious error considering that this type of diet is usually harmful to health and is accompanied by the dreaded yo-yo effect, which will make us regain our weight as quickly as they left. Therefore, it is important that we change the chip and take advantage of the beginning of the year to incorporate new healthy lifestyle habits, which will help us in the battle against excesses and will become a lifestyle with which to stay healthy. In this sense, we tell you 8 basic guidelines with which to start in this new direction:

1. Fill your dishes with color: make menus with varied vegetables or fruits of different colors, such as orange, green, red, purple … These dishes are healthier and more satisfactory at all levels, because not only do they have a better presence producing a greater emotional, psychological and energetic impact, but they are also loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

2. Say yes to fats, but of natural origin: who said that fats are not healthy? We just have to know how to choose which ones are beneficial for health, both vegetables and animals. In the first case, we can find healthy vegetable fats in avocado, nuts, seeds or olives. As for animal fat, the healthiest option is found in blue fish, which contain a large amount of Omega-3. We can find it in salmon, sardines, bonito, tuna or swordfish.

3. Eliminate sugar from the roots: also called “21st century drug”, this ingredient does not provide any health benefits. Eliminating sugar from your life will help you not only to lose weight, but also to feel healthy, since it is directly related to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol.

4. Drink lots of water: we are tired of hearing about it, but it is a reality that drinking water is a vital action for our body to function properly and stay in optimal condition. We must get used to drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day to hydrate the body and eliminate toxic substances from our body.

5. Practice exercise 3-4 times a week: it is not necessary to become an elite athlete to be healthy, it is enough to acquire certain habits that make you an active person. Start by taking a walk at least one hour a day, about 3 or 4 times a week, and increase your goals little by little. It is important to get to know your body and tastes to find the physical activity that best suits your needs.

6. Watch out for dinner: as bedtime approaches, dinner should be lighter. Therefore, not only will it be good to bring forward the time of the last meal of the day, but also the ideal will be to combine proteins and low-calorie foods, such as vegetables, avoiding carbohydrates or fruit at night. A perfect dinner will be a piece of lean meat (fish, chicken, beef…), grilled or baked, accompanied by a good portion of vegetables.

7. Meditate: it is advisable to maintain mental health and adopt practices that help to relax the mind and listen to our body. It has been proven that meditation helps to reduce blood pressure and control psychological disorders such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. Spend between 5 and 15 minutes a day to clear your mind and relax your body.

8. Breathe fresh air: fresh air is necessary for the renewal of blood in the lungs, which are filled with oxygen to nourish all parts of the body. In addition, this process tends to favor the relaxation of the body, closely related to the previous point, and key to maintaining mental health, since, when breathing deeply, it increases the production of endorphins, the hormones responsible for the state of well-being and the decrease of pain.


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