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Study confirms that exercise increases survival in cases of COVID-19

Health & FitnessStudy confirms that exercise increases survival in cases of COVID-19

Maintaining regular physical activity considerably multiplies the chances of survival in the most severe cases of COVID-19. This is the conclusion of a recent Spanish study that confirms the benefits of physical activity, as well as the risks of a sedentary lifestyle for general health.

The study involved 520 COVID-19 patients, aged between 18 and 70 years, who were admitted during the first months of the pandemic. All took the “Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity Scale” (RAPA): a survey that measures the aerobic intensity of the exercise being performed, as well as the muscle strength and flexibility of the person performing it.

The patients were divided into two groups depending on whether they led a sedentary life or performed physical exercise (at least 30 minutes, 2 days a week). Finally, we analyzed how COVID-19 evolved in each case.

Once all the data had been compared, the conclusions were clear. In sedentary people, the risk of suffering fatal complications in the case of COVID-19 increased by 13.8%.


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