Back pain is one of the most frequent complaints to family physicians. Since the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic the numbers have increased even more. Having to spend too much time sitting in front of a screen due to the increase in teleworking has made back pain an almost daily problem for many people. That is why knowing which stretches can alleviate it can be of great help.

The origin of back pain is varied. From scoliosis to sciatica, or the reason may be due to poor posture. Also the absence of ergonomic resources in teleworking can be a cause of back pain.

However, it is very important to reduce stress, as this is an important factor in the onset of back pain. The reason is that the muscles contract because they are under tension for a prolonged period of time. Stretching can prevent this.

The first of the stretches recommended to relieve back pain to loosen the muscles and relax them is the posture of knees to the chest. To do this posture you have to lie on the floor, preferably on a mat and grab the legs, hugging them.

Doing this for 30 seconds will allow the back to relax. To enhance the effects of this exercise you can swing your body to the sides or even from front to back to relax the area.

Another suitable stretching for back pain is known as the child’s pose. This posture consists of kneeling and leaning the body forward stretching the arms. Try to bring your buttocks towards your feet as much as possible and walk with your toes forward to stretch your spine even more. This will relieve back pain.

The cat-cow pose is also an excellent posture for relieving back pain. In this case, you should stand on four supports, with your knees on the floor and the palms of your hands flat on the floor. Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed by bringing them backwards.

The back should be curved upwards, putting the head between the hands (cat position) and then raising the head and straightening the back to a neutral position (cow position). You can do 5 to 10 slow repetitions. It is also important to accompany them with breathing.

One of the last postures that can relieve back pain is the twist pose. Lying down from the floor, as in the first posture, what will be done is to bend the legs and bring them together to one side, while the head is brought to the other side. The arms should be stretched in the form of a cross. After about 15 seconds you should do the same on the other side.

Although there are many other stretches to relieve back pain, these are some of the most important. During breaks at work or at least twice a day, it would be good to perform these stretches. They relax the back area, strengthen it and prevent pain from being a constant source of worry and discomfort throughout the day.

However, in addition to stretching, it may be appropriate to go to a physiotherapist once a month and accompany it with exercise, which is very good. It will serve to strengthen the back and acquire a good postural hygiene.


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