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How to recognize, prevent and relieve allergic conjunctivitis


It is not unusual to find ourselves every year at the end of winter with cars dyed yellow and street corners of the same color. In addition, when we turn our eyes to the sky, we are sure to notice something flying, something similar to a dandelion. It is pollen and with it comes allergic conjunctivitis.

Spring is a season hated by many allergy sufferers. Opening the windows of the car or the house to air it becomes a real odyssey. The sneezing appears, as well as the mucus, the eyes fill with tears…. Approximately 10% of the population suffers from these symptoms every year, but in most cases they are nothing more than a mild seasonal nuisance.

What is allergic conjunctivitis?

Simply put, allergic conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the front part of the eyeball caused by a reaction to an allergen, in the case of spring it is pollen. This can also be called ocular allergy and the symptoms are characteristic: redness and swelling, itching and stinging, constant tearing, blurred vision and photosensitivity.

Ways to prevent and alleviate allergic conjunctivitis

One of the ways to alleviate allergic conjunctivitis is to use sunglasses. In this way, the photosensitivity that causes conjunctivitis is improved and more pollen can enter the eyes. Glasses can be a useful defense and protection mechanism in the spring.

Another way to alleviate allergic conjunctivitis is to use artificial tears or eye drops to moisturize the eyes. This is essential to reduce the irritation and itching that pollen has caused in the eyes. But this will also help to keep them free of allergens, as it cleans them.

Hand washing has gained importance since COVID-19, but in the spring it is also essential to avoid allergic conjunctivitis. Unseen traces of pollen can remain on the hands and scratching the eyes can irritate them. Hands should be washed frequently.

A final tip is to avoid outdoor activities in the early morning and late afternoon. At these times, a large amount of pollen is concentrated and should be avoided. Likewise, the advantages of the house should not be opened and, if it is done, it is advisable to take into account the hours of less pollen.

Is it really allergic conjunctivitis?

This question is a common one, because although many people have allergic conjunctivitis with the arrival of spring, it is advisable to detect the allergen and whether it is bacterial conjunctivitis. If the symptoms start to become serious, it is important to visit an ophthalmologist and allergist. In this way, a treatment can be started which, together with the previous advice, will give very good results with allergic conjunctivitis.

Just as we are protecting ourselves from COVID-19 with the mask (which has reduced the number of cases of flu and colds), we cannot forget about our eyes. Sunglasses are a complement that we should always have at hand. Eyes are important and unprotected. Paying attention to them and taking care of them is fundamental.


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