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Fitbit devices will soon be able to measure snoring level


It is very common for quantifying bracelets and smartwatches to count among their functions the ability to track the quality of sleep, subsequently issuing subsequent reports through their respective complementary applications.

In the case of Fitbit, this new tool seems to be fully ready to reach users. In the case of the measurement of snoring, it will be constantly monitored throughout the night, subsequently taking the corresponding percentage of time to establish the classification in one of the three levels that will be available: low, moderate, high.

Here the problem will be for those people who do not sleep alone in the same room, as the new Fitbit tool warns, so if they sleep with other people who also snore, the tool will also take them into consideration.

In the case of ambient noise measurement, it will tell users about how quiet the place where they sleep is, offering a scale ranging from “very quiet” for a noise level of 30 dBA or less, to “very loud” for when the noise level exceeds 90 dBA.

The downside of the new tool is that it will make the microphone always active, or in other words, it will drain the battery of the devices faster, so users will be forced to charge them more often than usual charging periods.

It will be a matter of waiting for the new tool to be released and rolled out to all existing devices so that users can make use of them as they wish.

In this way they will be able to have a better idea of their respective personal situations, whose data can make them take measures to minimize the impact through those initiatives that may be necessary, both to avoid snoring as much as possible, either to do sports to reduce weight, or to reduce noise levels at bedtime, either by installing absorbent panels or anything else they see fit.

Will it be imitated by other quantifying bracelets and smartwatches? It is possible, as have been happening as other capabilities and functions over time.


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