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Why is it important to consume legumes?


Legumes are very important for food, as they provide multiple nutrients to keep the body in optimal conditions. According to the United Nations General Assembly, February 10 was designated as World Legumes Day. They are foods that are an essential part of a balanced diet. So if you still do not know what they contribute to the body, do not forget to consider them for their great benefits.


  • They are low in fat and have no cholesterol, which is excellent to help minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • They are an excellent source of vegetable protein. For example 100 g of raw lentils have 25 g of protein. So to increase the quality of protein, it is ideal to eat cooked legumes with cereals such as rice.
  • They are rich in potassium, an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of the heart, muscles and digestive system.
  • They are low in sodium. Sodium chloride or salt contributes to hypertension. So this can be avoided by eating foods low in sodium such as legumes.
  • They are a good source of iron, which prevents malnutrition and anemia. In order to improve iron production, it is advisable to combine them with other foods containing vitamin C such as lemon.
  • They are an excellent source of folate, a type of vitamin B that is essential for the nervous system and is important to prevent abnormalities in the fetus during pregnancy.
  • They are rich in fiber, which improves digestive health and minimizes the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • They do not contain gluten in its natural state, so it is a food suitable for celiac and gluten intolerant people.
  • They have a low glycemic index, which helps control blood sugar and insulin levels. This makes it an essential element for people with diabetes and those who control weight.

For these reasons, consumption of legumes at least three servings a week is recommended. We must be aware that the products we consume will allow us to be better and healthier.


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