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Is it good to wash your hair after exercise?


When you finish training, surely before anything else happens, you run to take a shower, as the sweat takes over your body. However, for those who take care of their hair at all times, the question arises, if it is good to wash your hair after exercise. So let’s get to the bottom of the question.

Dirty hair after exercise

Sweat affects the scalp, although you may not notice it. It has a direct impact on the follicle, which leads to hair thinning. This results in hair loss, split ends and scalp fungus. In addition, over time it can cause severe flaking and irritation of the scalp, making it brittle, dull and there are even cases of alopecia. When exercising, a layer of water and salts forms on the scalp, as well as on the entire skin, which causes the hair to dry, weaken and there is a rupture of the hair follicles.

At the very least, after exercise it will be necessary to rinse the hair with plenty of water to remove all traces of sweat. This should be sufficient in most cases after mild to moderate exercise.

It will be necessary to wash the hair with a mild shampoo in the following cases:

  • when you have sweated profusely and have inevitably touched your hair a lot with your hands to wipe away the sweat or to cool down.
  • when you have exercised in “dirty” areas, e.g. soccer on a dirt field or trekking on a dusty trail
  • when you have worn any type of helmet or cap that does not allow ventilation of the head during exercise.

The shower should be abundant and with lukewarm water. If you use shampoo, make sure it is as mild as possible, without sulfates and with a pH suitable for your hair type.

Tips for hair care during exercise

  • Tie back your hair when exercising.
  • Wear a cap to protect your hair from the sun.
  • Do not use a towel to dry your scalp as you could be transferring dirt or bacteria from other parts of your body to your hair.


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