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“Not today, next week”: how to start exercising right away


It has happened to all of us at some time or another when we start training for a sport and we tend to stop after a while, giving up before we reach our physical goal. The problem happens more than it should, making our state of frustration and lack of motivation increase.

Lack of time, lack of energy or simply laziness are some of the reasons why people hide behind when it comes to explaining why they don’t do sport. Now, more than ever, doing exercise is very beneficial for our health, so it is essential to put excuses aside and start doing sport without waiting until 1 January to make new resolutions.

Doing physical exercise should be an essential part of our daily lives, so we are going to show you five keys so that you don’t stop doing physical activity and manage to maintain it for a very long period of time.

Finding the reason to exercise

For many of us it happens that we don’t have enough motivation to go and train, so you should try to find the reason why you want to exercise, ask yourself what motivates you and what it takes to exercise.

Getting in the right mindset and knowing the reasons why you are going to start living a healthier lifestyle is a key factor in getting you started and keeping you going.

There are many reasons to exercise, such as losing weight, gaining muscle mass, improving your quality of life or improving your health. That’s why we recommend that you try to find your own and use it to create the motivation you’re missing.

Find the exercise you like the most

Each of us has our own preferences, some prefer to train outdoors and others in a gym, look for the physical activity that you like the most and don’t make the mistake of training for a sport that doesn’t motivate you, because you will end up quitting.

It is important to know that there are many ways to move and improve your quality of life while doing a sporting activity, in fact you can train with the same intensity outdoors as in a gym. Find the physical activity you are passionate about and explore it to the fullest, this way you will enjoy it and maintain it for a longer period of time.

Better with company than alone

When you start a sporting activity it can be really interesting to share it with a friend or partner who has the same level and enthusiasm as you. What’s more, if they have more experience it’s even better, as you’ll be able to learn much faster, which will improve your desire to train.

It is important to make sure that your training partner has the same desire to progress as you do, so that you can both benefit from the motivation to progressively increase the quantity and quality of your training.

Try to set easier goals

Starting out with very high goals and an excessive level of training is a common mistake for beginner athletes. In fact, making this mistake can cause you to stop the physical activity because of low motivation for not reaching your goal. In addition, the muscle fatigue generated by overtraining will prevent you from being able to train the next day.

Therefore, we recommend that you set yourself a realistic goal and increase the level and the number of training days little by little. You can start, for example, by simply going for a brisk walk for half an hour twice a week, then train three days a week for an acceptable period of time, and gradually increase the amount and days of training.

Try to set yourself a stable and realistic routine.

Setting yourself a schedule is essential to stick to a routine, as not having a stable training schedule will result in you not sticking to the physical activity you set out to do.

An interesting strategy would be to create a calendar with pre-set schedules and cross out all the days you have completed, thus establishing a challenge for yourself which, when completed, will increase your personal satisfaction and motivation.


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