The athlete’s diet is usually stricter if you want to maintain your fitness for a long time, and that requires effort and dedication.

One of the things that can help to maintain that physical state, is to eliminate certain foods that are going to prevent to maintain an acceptable level of fat, for that reason we are going to show you the five foods that you must eliminate if you are an athlete.

Sugary soft drinks, everyone’s enemy

The sugary drink may have some specific indications for the athlete, but in general it should not be consumed. Above all, in the athlete who relaxes, which is the one who is not doing sport at the time: they should not be consumed either.

In fact, the consumption of these drinks is associated with weight gain, which is very difficult to lose. Therefore, as a preventive measure, the use of sugary drinks should be eliminated and sweetened beverages should be chosen instead.

Cereal bars can be misleading

If you look at the nutritional information of this type of cereal bars sold in supermarkets, you can see that they are mostly carbohydrates, of which 25% are sugars, of the 100 grams of product.

These foods contain too high a percentage of sugars, making it a product that should be avoided by both athletes and non-athletes.

The refined flour, a food of high processing

Conventional refined flour is a product widely used in the Mediterranean diet, but it is a food that has lost some micronutrients due to its high degree of processing.

This type of food is very easy to transform and accumulate in the form of fat deposits, something that should be avoided by an athlete who wants to maintain a low body fat percentage.

There are many alternatives to this type of flour, where the processing is more natural and the energy it provides is more durable: these are wholemeal, spelt or rye flours.

Alcoholic beverages, one of the worst enemies of our health

It is undeniable that alcohol interferes a lot in people’s quality of life, since it is a type of beverage that greatly affects health, even if consumed sporadically.

In addition, it provides a large amount of empty calories, making it easier to gain weight, which is not in the interest of athletes. That is why it is necessary to eliminate them completely if you want to maintain a perfect physical condition and prolonged in time.
High alcohol consumption increases mortality and, in small quantities, does not offer benefits for the organism according to multiple studies.

Saturated fats and trans fats make you fat

It is important to know that all foods containing these types of fats tend to be fattening, although everything depends on the energy balance of the athlete.

Although, at a caloric level you can eat this type of food, it can affect your health at a cardiovascular level, due to an increase in hypertension and cholesterol. That is why the ideal is to avoid this type of food containing trans fat and saturated fats, and try to eat leaner proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.


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