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Most common leg injuries

Health & FitnessMost common leg injuries

No one is exempt from injury, much less those who exercise all the time. In addition, most injuries are concentrated in the legs. In fact, they are very common in runners and jumpers. So take a look at the most frequent leg injuries so that they can be avoided and fixed as soon as possible. Pay attention!

Iliotibial band inflammation

Also known as runner’s knee, it is an inflammation caused by the repeated rubbing of the iliotibial band on the femur bone. It is frequent in runners who are out of shape, or in advanced runners due to excessive exercise or overtraining. Also also when there are muscular imbalances.

Tibial periostitis

It is the inflammation of the periosteum, membrane that covers the bone and that has many nerves and blood vessels, reason why it is very sensitive. It is a frequent injury in long-distance and marathon runners. This is due to running on hard surfaces, wearing inadequate footwear, not warming up well at the beginning and stretching at the end or when performing intense workouts. It can also be due to morphological defects that cause an overload on the tibia.


The term refers to excessive wear of cartilage or its displacement. The body is capable of adapting to exercise, but if the progression is rapid or inadequate, the tissue does not have enough time to adapt, resulting in excessive degeneration. It is a frequent injury that can be due to a muscular decompensation, a lack of mobility in the ankle and also when the patella is smaller than normal.

Patellar tendinitis

It is the inflammation of the patellar tendon that joins the femur with the tibia. The injury is common in athletes and sportsmen who generate a lot of load in the anterior zone of the knee. It is usually caused by having a weak quadriceps muscle, wearing shoes that do not cushion sufficiently after impact, having an unbalanced stride, suffering from direct trauma or running on hard surfaces.

Now that you are clearer about the most common leg injuries after exercise, do not hesitate to consult specialists and trainers so that together they can avoid injury as far as possible.


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