In order to lead a healthy life, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet, rest carefully and be active. Moving and doing physical exercise will help us to move away from a sedentary lifestyle (and all that this could cause in our health).

But if we have never done sport before, getting into it (even if it is our New Year’s resolution) can be overwhelming. How to start or what I need are some of the questions that arise when we decide to lead a more active life with which to take care of ourselves.

The ideal is that before starting to do sports in a crazy way, we should go to a professional who can advise us on what is best for us. Each person has different needs and if we start on our own we can get injured and get frustrated. You can sign up for an exercise plan that allows you to change habits, in addition to offering expert advice.

Healthy living is not just about sport

Everything we eat is the fuel we give to the body to then do that exercise, so it is vital that a healthy diet accompanies physical exercise in this fine-tuning of our body.

If you already have a healthy diet (a really healthy one), we would already have the first step done.

Getting in shape is not something we can do from one day to the next. In fact, if we have never done anything and from one day to the next we go out to the street with our trainers and we intend to run 5 kilometers, we will most probably finish at that very moment our purpose of doing more sport.

If we lead a sedentary life, the first step will undoubtedly be to change to a more active life. There are small changes that we can incorporate as Ana explains “walking to work or cycling, for example”, always take the stairs or take the opportunity to walk while talking on the phone, are essential. Having an active lifestyle will reduce the risk of injury in training because our body will have a better base fitness.

Why do you want to exercise?

If we are clear about why we want to do sport (lead a healthier life, gain stamina, improve our lung capacity, lose weight, tone our body…) it will be easier to motivate us to do sport and above all, to set goals and achieve them.

It is advisable to set ourselves schedules to avoid the “I don’t have time” and start making physical exercise part of our daily routine. Planning is vital and exercise must be progressive. We cannot arrive on the first day and pick up a 20-kilogram dumbbell if you have never lifted weights for exercise.

The body has to adapt to this new stimulus and exercise progressively, increasing the level little by little. That is why it is important that the goals are realistic to avoid frustration if we don’t achieve them to take away our desire as well.

Choose a sport you like

The only way to maintain physical activity over time is to choose a sport that you like. Doing a sport that you don’t like has only one end and that is that you end up quitting it completely.

But don’t think that getting in shape means going for a run or going to the gym. There are so many sports and so varied that it’s practically impossible for any of them to fit you. Yoga, skating, dance, running, weights, cycling, pilates, crossfit, swimming, tennis, soccer, hiking, martial arts… Think about what you might like and start there. You can try some of those sports with which getting fit won’t be a problem because they are fun and you won’t even realize you are exercising.


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