Hot chocolate is one of the favorite hot beverages for children and adults especially during the winter.
There is nothing more comforting than a cup of hot cocoa while watching TV, chatting with friends or reading a book.
In addition to being delicious, hot chocolate has enormous medicinal properties due to the antioxidants it provides to the body.

The benefits of drinking hot chocolate for our health are:
– improves skin health
– activates blood circulation
– helps prevent diabetes
– helps to treat fatty liver and improves liver function
– keeps the brain and mental functions healthy

Drinking a full-size cup of hot chocolate every day is very good for your health. If the chocolate is dark and without added sugar, you will not gain weight and it is not advisable to add milk to it because it neutralizes the release of antioxidant substances.

Not all rich foods are bad for your health, as chocolate proves. That is why it is necessary to take advantage of it and enjoy it.
It is important that the chocolate is dark and as pure as possible so that it contains the natural nutrients because if components are added to it commercially, its quality is reduced. Hot chocolate is a good drink for children and adults alike.

Unless a doctor specifically forbids it, you can consume up to 2 cups a day of hot chocolate but without milk, although it is not good to make it a habit that excludes other drinks and foods because, like everything else, if taken in excess it is also harmful to health.

Of course, if we have doubts about the consumption of chocolate we should consult a doctor.


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